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So a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I won a bundle of Cirrus Solids by Cloud 9 and that I was having trouble cutting into it. I asked for some advice and got some much needed tough love to get me motivated to use the fabric! So I sat […]

Sketchbook Dump

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Today is a really exciting day because I can finally share the Phoenix quilt with you!! I’ve been practically tap dancing with impatience since finishing this a few weeks ago. This quilt is based on a Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) pattern I made last year, and was submitted to […]

Finish: The Phoenix Quilt

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Last week, Pantone announced the Spring 2016 Color Forecast! I am always super excited about this because I am a huge color nerd. But also! for the last 7 or 8 years, the Color of the Year has been chosen from the Spring color collection. Which means it’s time to […]

Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

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Cloud 9 Fabrics has a new set of yarn-dyed colors that they’ve released called Cirrus Solids. I’m kind of a huge sucker for cross weaves and shot cottons so when they announced they were doing a block of the month challenge (which you can still enter, by the way!), I added it […]

Rock Candy Block

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Welcome to another installment of Color Clinic! It turns out doing these every week takes a bit more time than I have, so I’m hoping they will be more sustainable at an every other week schedule. With that said, I need questions, so if you have color questions, please share in the […]

Color Clinic: Dreaming of a Green Christmas

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I’m behind on sharing things, so I’m going to try to do a little catch up over the next couple weeks! One of the things I did right after I moved was create a quick tutorial for a block I dubbed the “Fizzy Block” (thereby announcing to everyone I should not […]

Fizzy Block

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Now here’s a question after my own heart, and it came from a few people. What Kona colors would you use to create a color wheel quilt? You want me to spend time with my Kona card and pick colors? Well I guess….if I must! 😀 So first off, not all […]

Color Clinic – The Rainbow Connection

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This is one of those blog posts where I don’t really know where to start. So I’ll just go for it. Last week I received an email from my publisher canceling my book. The email cited market reasons and preemptively answered the few questions I had. (Do I get to […]

Conclusions and Intros

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Time for another week of Color Clinic! Today we will be looking at a Courthouse Step quilt. I’m working on a quilt with courthouse square blocks in red, brown, yellow, orange, and green. I used a turquoise-ish blue for the center of each square instead of the (apparently) traditional red. Would […]

Color Clinic – Design Court

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Welcome to another installment of Color Clinic. Today I’m answering two questions; that’s right, two for the price of one! They’re both related to negative space, so it seemed fitting to feature them together. So let’s get to it!   I often read about “negative space”, this great new adventure […]

Color Clinic – Make Room for the Negative