I’ve been looking forward to writing this post, but now that it’s here, I’m finding myself a little reticent. I guess I’ll start with the lede and follow with the story. I’m moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Washington, DC! (Well technically, Maryland.) Things have been a little quiet lately […]

Dr. Sullivan Goes to Washington

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I have a week of exciting posts to share coming up. And I’m starting with color graphs. Maybe I have a weird definition of exciting… I’ve been doing a lot of work with different manufacturer color cards lately. I cut all mine up (physically pained me to do and best […]

Solid Fabrics

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First of all, I want to say that Adrianne @ On the Windy Side and I are both amazed at the variety of entries and the different ways you all tackled Marsala. I’ve commented on all the entries at this point, and I know Adrianne is working her way through as well. […]

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge – Winners!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Just a quick reminder that the Pantone Quilt Challenge is closed for entries, but it’s still open for voting! Voting ends at 11pm Pacific time Tuesday, April 28th. You can vote for one per category! To vote, just click the heart in […]

Pantone Quilt Challenge – Don’t Forget to Vote!

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Today is the last day to enter the Pantone Quilt Challenge! If you were waiting for the last minute, it has arrived! 😀 The link up ends at 11pm pacific tonight and then we’ll move on to voting! I had some people ask me about how I chose my color scheme […]

Designing with Color: Marsala

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The Pantone Quilt Challenge link up is happening now! The link up closes for entries on Friday at 11pm (pacific). I’m really impressed with the entries so far. It’s fantastic seeing what you’ve all done! This weekend I finished up my own Marsala quilt, which I’m calling Marsalalalala because it’s […]

Finish: Marsalalalala

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Due to the wonder of time zones, the challenge might look like it’s opening a day early to you. But fear not, it will still go until the stated time: April 24, 11pm Pacific! The 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge is open for entries! You can link up here or over […]

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge – Open For Entries!

The Macaron Quilt 36
Story time! Last March, I made a QDAD (quilt design a day) that I really liked based on a photo of some macarons (the French confection, not the coconut macaroons). So I broke out my Oakshotts and low volumes and started strip piecing. After making 120 ‘macarons’ I had enough […]

Finish: Macaron Quilt

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Holy smokes, the Pantone Challenge link party starts NEXT FRIDAY, April 17! I just returned from being in Washington DC for a week, but right before I left, I managed to finish up my Pantone Challenge quilt top! It’s small (36″ square) so I’m hoping I will be able to […]

Pantone Challenge Quilt Top

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Hey everyone! Remember the Pantone Challenge? How’s it going? Adrianne and I are super excited to see what you’ve been making! The link-up is coming SOON, but it’s not too late to make something! Remember that there is a tops-only category and a mini category (which includes bags and other […]

Pantone Challenge Reminder