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Play Crafts came about after a late night conversation among friends about the lack of tools available for crafters. But we didn’t want to just make any tools, we wanted ours to be easy and fun to use, because creativity should be fun! Our goal is to provide tools that get out of the way of your creativity and let you chase your inspiration.

Play Crafts is made up of a team of crafters and creator, and we love helping bring out the inner (or not-so-inner) artist in everyone!

The Team

Anne Sullivan, Creative Director: Anne is a quilter, color enthusiast, artist, and programmer and has a PhD in computer science. Her job is to make sure the tools are fun and easy to use, and to keep the blog up to date. You can find her on instagram as @playcrafts (if you want to see her animals) and flickr as anne@play-crafts (if you want to see her crafts). She lives in Santa Cruz, CA with a giant dog and two cats.


Gillian Smith, Technical Director: Gillian is a quilter, dabbler in all crafts, artist, and professor of game design, and has a PhD in computer science. Her role is to consult on technical architecture and prototype new tools. You can find her on instagram as @gillianms and flickr as enfili. She lives in Boston, MA without a dog.


Jane Pinckard, CEO: Jane is a knitter and novice sewer. Her background is in game development and game journalism. She handles the business and marketing side of Play Crafts. She’s on twitter (@miyukijane). She lives in Santa Cruz. Her dog is tiny.

We’d love to hear from you! Write us at: hello@play-crafts.com.