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Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Featured | 24 comments

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Churn Dash

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Churn Dash


It’s time again for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  Time to kick off the shoes, sit back, and enjoy some serious eye candy! Oh, and get your pinterest finger ready.


I’m entering the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild’s Churn Dash quilt into the group/bee category. This quilt was made for a guild officer Julia, who was moving away for textile design school.


I have written quite a bit about the design process for this quilt, but I thought I’d share how we worked the group aspect of the quilt.

As officers (and with the help from an unsuspecting Julia), we decided on the churn dash pattern, in a similar style as the one featured by Ashley at Film In The Fridge. We arranged for a sew day with the guild (minus Julia, natch) to work on the blocks. We pre-cut all the fabric, as well as made all the HSTs and bar units ahead of time.


That way, on the sew day, we could focus on just getting the blocks done. They came together super fast with the help of those who attended! We had two people on irons, one person piecing the back and the rest of the group sewing blocks. We quickly filled up the design wall with the blocks.


From there, to keep a consistent seam, one of the officers took the blocks and sewed the top together. Another did the quilting, and the final person buried threads, sewed the binding and attached the label. All in time to give the quilt to Julia at her last guild meeting!


It was really amazing to work with so many people on a creative journey. Everyone had something that they contributed to the overall design, and it truly was a group effort that I am really happy I got to be a part of.


Dimensions: ~60″ x 70″
Fabrics: Briar Rose by Heather Ross, Kona medley (Maize, coral, bubblegum, violet, school bus, and pear, plus a darker green that didn’t get noted)
Quilting: Done on a home machine. :O (Not by me!)
Number of layouts attempted: 12+


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  1. I love this quilt. The colours are lovely and thank you for sharing the story of how the group made it.

    • Thanks Leanne! It was the first time I’d participated in a group making a full quilt, and it was a really cool experience!

  2. so glad to see this one again, and yes – my pinterest finger already has RSI 😉

    • I know, right?! I’m filling up my quilt board rather rapidly. :)

  3. Oh, i love this one so much! I love how all the green is in the center and that one strawberry print just pops!
    You and your guild ladies did a fabulous job :)

    • Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun designing this given our inspiration and the constraints of the fabric line. :)

  4. Love the colors. The back really adds to the quilt.

    • Thank you! The woman who did the back also did all the quilting. Both are beautiful!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I assume I’m not the only one going on a wild pinterest rampage through all this eye candy! 😀

  5. Lovely parting gift :)

    • She was really thrilled! No one else is allowed to leave until we recover from the holidays, though. 😉

  6. Great quilt! Loved reading the story of how it all came about.:)

    • Thank you, Audrey! :) It’s the first time I have gotten to be part of an experience like that, and it was a really cool experience!

  7. There is something so charming about a churn dash… ! Lovely.

    • The churn dash is a deceptive block. It is simple, and alone can be uninspiring. But as soon as you put them together, great things happen! :)

  8. Did someone say garden party? I’ll make sure to where my flats! Oh, wait, I don’t own any!

    • It’s okay, the grass could use some aeration anyway, bring the heels!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful collaboration.

    • Thank you! It was my first time working on a quilt with a group like that, and it was such a neat experience! 😀

  10. This quilt is darling. I love how you/your bee used the Briar Rose fabric with a mix of solids. Beautiful.

    • Thank you! We did the mix of solids for price reasons, but I actually really like the way the solids play with the prints. :)

  11. Such a fun quilt– I love the bright, happy colors and the mix of solids and prints! It sounds like the making of it was a blast as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Thanks Robin! It really was a blast, you’re right. :) And the nicest part is that with that many people participating, someone is bound to like a step that someone else doesn’t, so no one is stuck doing something they don’t want to do. Frustration-free quilt. :)

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