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Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Events, Featured, Finishes | 24 comments

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Entry 2

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Entry 2


I really love seeing all the beautiful quilts during the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, hosted at Amy’s Creative Side, so this time I’ve decided (admittedly a little last-minute) that I would enter some of my quilts!


My second entry is in the Quilt Photographer category. I created this [very] mini-quilt out of an Oakshott fat eight pack called Autumn.



My guild was hosting a challenge to make a quilt based on a photograph, and I used one of my photographs from Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  I adore oakshotts, and they did a great job of capturing the depth of color and changing nature of the slot canyons.

Oakshott close up

This quilt was also an exploration in improv curves, something that I had really wanted to try but never done. I have done it quite a few times since, and I’m a big fan!

Quilting closeup

For the quilting, I wanted to reinforce the dark foreground/light background as well as the lines of the rock formations. I used a thicker dark blue thread for the foreground quilting, and a lighter rust colored thread for the background. The quilting is an organic curved line, with some intersections like you would see on the slot canyon walls.

Inspiration photo and challenge quilt

Someday I’d love to do a bigger version of this quilt, but it’s going to be a while before I have enough oakshotts to do so!


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    • Thank you! The slot canyons were amazing, and the pictures I took honestly don’t do it justice. I really enjoyed trying to make a quilt based on them!

  1. wow – that’s amazing! The Oakshotts are perfect for it.

    • I need the guys at oakshott to send me lots of oakshotts. Because I certainly can’t afford them and I really want to make bigger quilts using them. :) They are my favorite fabric ever.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous! You captured the photograph beautifully!

    • Thank you so much! The oakshotts really were the perfect fit for it. I never would have gotten them except that I did the exchange rate in my head poorly… lol

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your comments! I had a lot of fun interpreting my memories of the slot canyon and the picture into the quilt.

  3. Wonderful colours! The quilting really echoes the curves too.

    • Thank you! The quilting was a lot of fun to do! I haven’t done that kind of quilting since, I should try it again on a bigger project.

  4. WOW. Your interpretation of that photo in fabric is incredible!! Beautiful work.

    • Thank you so much! Those Oakshotts worked just perfectly for it! I loved working with them. :)

  5. This quilt is stunning, as is the picture. I adore it.

    • Thanks so much, Leanne! I really had fun with this project! And revisiting it really makes me want to work with Oakshotts again (and visit the slot canyons again!) The colors are so gorgeous!

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous! The photo is beautiful, too!

    (It was nice to meet you at the sew day yesterday.)

    • It was so great meeting you as well! I’m really happy you’re going to start coming to our meetings. :) I want to go to some of the other quilt guild’s meetings but I always chicken out. Which is sad.
      Thank you for the compliments! This was such a fun challenge! It’s making me want to do more of these. :)

    • Thank you so much! Oakshotts are so much fun to work with, and the results are generally really vibrant and rich. :)

    • Merci! Les tissus d’Oakshott ont la meilleure couleur.

  7. Gorgeous little quilt! You really captured your subject perfectly with the Oakshot and the wavy design.

    • Thank you! It was such a fun design, and came together so quickly it almost felt like cheating. 😀

  8. I love this! The quilt looks so much like your picture without being exactly the same…if that makes any sense.

    • Thank you!! It does make sense. I specifically didn’t want to do the same design as the photograph, but more be inspired by it. Okay, mostly because the design in the photograph seemed really hard. lol

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