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Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Events, Featured | 8 comments

Blogging at Amy’s

Blogging at Amy’s


Amy @ Amy’s Creative Side interviewed me and a host of other bloggers as past participants of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. My interview was posted today and you are welcome to go read me diss academic writing and give a brief mention of what tool we’re working on next here at Play Crafts!


I entered these two quilts during the last Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and I’m waffling on what to enter this time around!


Are you going to enter something in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival? I hope you do, it’s so fun to see all the entries!



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    • I am hoping it can be useful for pixel knitting and cross stitch as well, but I’m focusing on quilting at first. :) I’m excited about it!

  1. I’m so glad you posted it because of course it was fun to meet you in person at SS and I love the angry birds quilt. But now I get to put the quilter with the quilt and that just makes me happy, LOL!

    • Hahaha Yay!! I have that happen all the time in the blog-o-sphere! There’s so much out there, it’s hard to keep track of who made what. :) It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you at SS!! I’m excited for you and your ideas for your future. :)

  2. BOOYAH, Anne you da’ best ;)

    • No, you! <3 Thank you, Sarah!!

  3. Great feature Amy’s – how is it that BQF snuck up on me when it’s the same time every year?! Hoping to enter and for sure there will be major hopping around and reading all about those who do.

    • I know, I am totally unprepared! I don’t even have anything new. Oops. So it’s going to be some of the stuff I did earlier this year making a reappearance!
      I can’t wait to see and read all the entries. Sooooo much lovely eye candy.

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