I’ve made it to the other side of the Season of Deadlines which has basically been a slog of every free moment being spoken for. This last weekend was the first time I didn’t have something that I was tragically behind on which was freeing but it’s been a while […]

Quilt Design

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I won a bundle of Cirrus Solids by Cloud 9 and that I was having trouble cutting into it. I asked for some advice and got some much needed tough love to get me motivated to use the fabric! So I sat […]

Sketchbook Dump

Cloud 9 Fabrics has a new set of yarn-dyed colors that they’ve released called Cirrus Solids. I’m kind of a huge sucker for cross weaves and shot cottons so when they announced they were doing a block of the month challenge (which you can still enter, by the way!), I added it […]

Rock Candy Block

I’m behind on sharing things, so I’m going to try to do a little catch up over the next couple weeks! One of the things I did right after I moved was create a quick tutorial for a block I dubbed the “Fizzy Block” (thereby announcing to everyone I should not […]

Fizzy Block

I have a week of exciting posts to share coming up. And I’m starting with color graphs. Maybe I have a weird definition of exciting… I’ve been doing a lot of work with different manufacturer color cards lately. I cut all mine up (physically pained me to do and best […]

Solid Fabrics

It’s the time for another exciting round of Quilt Design A Day! It’s my 6-month-design-a-day-iversary today, so I thought we could celebrate by doing a giveaway! (Also, that totally rhymed.) Details at the end. For now, here’s some designs from the end of May/beginning of June. I had just purchased […]

Quilt Design A Day Giveaway!

So I’m gonna come clean, I’ve been sneakily skipping a pattern here and there for the last month or so. I entered a bunch of designs into the QuiltCon Design Challenge and they couldn’t be published, so I kept them off the blog. I just learned that I didn’t win […]

Quilt Design A Day