A while ago I posted that I had a quilt that I assumed was a shoo-in for QuiltCon that didn’t get accepted. This is that quilt. I finished this over a year ago, but it was slated to be the cover model for the book-that-didn’t-happen, so it didn’t get shared back then. Because […]

Finish: Crayon Box

I’ve been bitten by the improv bug lately, and I’m happy I get to share a small improv finish with you all! The Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild did a “Crayon Challenge” swap over the last couple of months. Everyone who wanted to participate picked three crayons at random, and then […]

Finish: Crayola Sunset

Yay, happy day! I can share some secret sewing finally! I mentioned in my last post that I’d just gotten past the Season of the Deadlines. One of those deadlines was creating this quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilt of the Month program (you need to be a member […]

Finish: City Lights

I’ve made it to the other side of the Season of Deadlines which has basically been a slog of every free moment being spoken for. This last weekend was the first time I didn’t have something that I was tragically behind on which was freeing but it’s been a while […]

Quilt Design

This is a quilt I actually finished almost a year ago. However, it was slated for inclusion in the ill-fated book, so I never shared it on the blog. Since it seems like I may never actually have free time again in the quantities necessary to write a book, and […]

Finish: Mountain Sunrise

Sorry this post is a little later than usual! California (and Oregon and Washington) were all hit by a pretty bad storm yesterday, and I spent a lot of my day dealing with the ramifications. The water on our street was up to my knees, and even though our yard […]

Quilt Design A Day

We’re into that part of the year where everything seems to speed up even MORE than usual. I’m not ready for 2015, let alone Christmas! Guess I better get my butt into gear. This week’s Quilt Design A Day offerings are a bit all over the board, but here we go. The […]

Quilt Design A Day

It’s a long weekend here in the US, and I’m loving having some time off. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving who celebrated, and that everyone else is ready for a great weekend! In the meantime, I have another week of QDADs for your enjoyment, so let’s get started! […]

Quilt Design A Day