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Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Design, Featured | 40 comments



I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in Illustrator with some design ideas this week.


After reading Adrianne @ On The Windy Side’s post of Radiant Orchid quilt ideas (SO much gorgeous eye candy!!), I was really inspired [and also reminded that I needed] to make something for the Pantone Quilt Challenge (not that we can enter, of course). So I’ve been toying around with ideas of what I want to make.

I’ve been really loving this churn dash quilt by Needles and Lemons (text print + AMH, yes please!) and this churn dash by wooden spoon on Flickr (okay I love pretty much everything she does.) So I thought I’d try playing with a few churn dash ideas.


Sometimes while I’m playing around with color placement, I realize “this is going somewhere really crazy” but I like to push it all the way there, just to see what it looks like. The above design was one of those times.



Pulling it back a bit I starting getting some variations. Above are a couple designs that put emphasis on the churn dash shape…


And one that put emphasis on the shapes created between the churn dash blocks.


None of them were really jiving for me, though. So I took a break and decided to play around with my modified woven chevron block and ended up with this. I really love this concept!! Maybe I just needed a break from the super colorful designs above, but  I may just have to make this one. If I do, I’ll need to figure out some piecing shortcuts, because that’s a lot of HSTs and QSTs.

Nothing like some new design ideas right before the weekend to up the WIP count!


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  1. I love the woven chevrons. Even though there is not a lot of radiant orchid there it really pops and becomes the focal point. Less is more, it seems.

    • Thank you! It’s definitely a different look than the other designs, but I like it. :) I could do something similar with the churn dashes (if I did more of them) but I like the woven chevron look and want to play with it anyway. :)

  2. Quality not quantity for Radiant Orchid on the LV chevron idea, the color weave is definitely the feature- but holy cow, that’s a lot of HST. I was trying to build it in my head on point where the fabric pieces run diagonal with rectangles and squares – give that a go.

    • Hahaha It’s only 288 HSTs, but it’s 576 QSTs which … bleahhh. Maybe if I knew the proper way to trim them, it wouldn’t be so bad. But mostly it’s seriously mind bendy laying them all out!
      Putting in on point is so smart! I love it, thank you for showing me how to do that. 😀

    • Oh but yes I love your chevron one if you’re up for all that!

      • My friend showed me how to make it “on point” so that it’s made up entirely of squares and rectangles. 😀 SO much simpler to create! So now I’m thinking I might actually do it!

    • I love that giant churn dash concept a lot! Do you have the finished top posted on your blog? I’m going to go look after I finish up responding to comments. :) That’s a really cool idea!

  3. I love the modified woven chevron. Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • Thank you! I need to decide if I want to do it in solids or prints (or a mixture of both) and then I think I can get started!

  4. Ooh, I love the designs you came up with! I’m obsessed with churn dashes!

    • When I first saw churn dashes, I was not impressed. But for some reason they have TOTALLY converted me over the last few months! Now I love them. 😀

  5. Hi Anne, Love your modified chevron pattern. Which program do you use to draw up your patterns? Thanks, Cath

    • Thanks Cath! :) I use Illustrator to draw my patterns. It’s maybe not the best choice in tools, but it’s the one I know and have, so it’s what I use. I keep meaning to pick up EQ7, but I haven’t yet. :)

  6. It took me a while to focus on the churn dash in No. 4. I knew it was there, I just couldn’t see it. I have never seen the design in a magic eye puzzle, surprise, surprise.

    • Well the bold colors definitely don’t help. :) It’s a bit easier to see at a smaller scale as well. I kind of like how that one sort of fights for your attention. :) I designed it to be pillow sized, so it’d be awfully fast to put together… I might just have to do it and see how it looks in fabric.

  7. Those are all great, but that last one is pretty striking! You should totally do it. Love to see what short cuts you come up with:)

    • Thanks Paula! My friend showed me how to change to on-point construction (so you’re constructing the diagonal lines across the quilt instead of traditional rows and columns) and by doing that, it turns the whole thing into squares and rectangles. SO much easier! So now I think I might just have to make it. 😀

  8. Love the 3rd one of the churn dash and your chevron one!!. Definitely a better idea with the square and rectangles.

    Let us know if you guys decide to do a blog hop for the challenge – would love to participate :-)

    • I want to make one of those churn dashes, actually. :) The layouts are designed as an 18″ pillow, so they should come together pretty quickly. But I ended up working on the quilt, instead. :)

      A blog hop for the challenge is a cool idea that we hadn’t considered! I’ll bring it up with Adrianne and see what she thinks. :)

    • Mine, too! I ended up cutting fabric for it this weekend. :) Still have more to cut, but making decent progress!

    • Now that I’ve seen the way to do it my friend suggested, I can’t imagine doing it the other way. :) I’ve started cutting out the pieces, and hope to have all the pieces cut by the end of the week!

    • Aww, thanks Christine! 😀 I want to make one of the churn dash designs, but ended up focusing on the chevrons for now, instead. :)

  9. Before I read the comments, I was going to say put squares on point too. Glad my thinking was correct. : ). Looks fun!

    • I never think to do the “on-point” thing! In this case it is a vast improvement on piecing difficulty, so maybe it’ll help me remember to keep that in mind as a future tool. :)

  10. They’re all fantastic, but i’m with the group, your chevrons are awesome! Can’t wait to see it come together, if that’s what you decide to do 😉

    • Thanks Nicole! I ended up starting to cut fabric for it this weekend. However, each chevron stripe takes almost a full FQ, and I’m trying to use my stash, so it’s been a bit more difficult to find fabric than I thought. :) On the other hand, great stash-buster!

  11. All of the designs are great. I went straight for the first one! Call me over the top…I’m okay with that! Then again, I’m really liking the chevron. Sweet simplicity (meaning just a little orchid, not design!)

    • The first one would probably be a little less crazy in fabric, actually. :) It’d be kind of fun to make up small versions of all of them, just to see the difference. Maybe with all that spare time… 😉
      The chevron will hopefully come together pretty quickly once I have everything cut!

  12. I like that second design with the bold tonal churndashes, but yes, that modified chevron is really the best of the bunch – that would be beautiful completed!

    • Well, we shall see how it looks completed! I’ve started cutting out pieces for it already. :) I am trying to use just my stash, and it turns out I don’t have quite the range I was looking for, but I’m not going to make any rash decisions until I see all of it cut out. :)

    • Ooooh there’s lots of yummy on this board! I went ahead and followed you. 😀 Thanks for the credit ^_^ and the kind words! I’m about halfway done with the quilt top and am hoping to finish it this weekend. :)

  13. I love the chevron one, it’s a nice refreshing change from the straight normal one. Will you be doing a tutorial on it? I’m only a beginner, and have never done triangles before.

    • Thanks so much! I’m actually a little over halfway done with making the quilt top of this design. I was planning to either do a tutorial or pattern, definitely! I ended up doing a construction method which made it so there are no triangles involved. Instead of creating horizontal rows, the construction is done diagonally which means you can keep the squares whole. :)

      You might be able to see what I mean in this post here where I show my progress on the quilt top:

  14. Is there somewhere to get the pattern for the modified chevron?

    • Hi Emma! Thanks for asking, but unfortunately there’s no pattern currently. I ended up constructing it as squares sewn together on the diagonal. I’m happy to send you my layout for that, however! The finished square size is 3.5″. The rest of my notes are useless because they’re totally wrong. :) I hope this helps!

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