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Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Featured, Palettes | 20 comments

Fabric Palette: Novosibirsk park trees

Fabric Palette: Novosibirsk park trees

I saw this beautiful photo of a park in Novosibirsk by Mikhail Koninin on Flickr (used under creative commons) and really wanted to create a palette from it using Palette Builder. I love photos of snowy winters (probably because I don’t live somewhere where it snows) but what drew me to this particular photo was that it contained the sunlit trees in the background as well as the cooler shaded tones in the foreground.


Central Image: Winter in the local park by mksystem
1. Circle in Blush by Laura Gunn
2. The Dowagers Lace in Amethyst by Kathy Hall
3. Corsage in Mauve by Alison Glass
4. Lineage in Taffy by Anna Maria Horner
5. Terra in Lavender by P&B Textiles
6. Fizzy Dot in Red by Denyse Schmidt
7. Leaves in Merlot by Valori Wells
8. Dictionary in Red on White by Tim Holtz
9. Ghastly Forest in Blush by Alexander Henry
10. Ediths Swirl in Valencia by Kathy Hall
11. Naivety in Cream by Pat Bravo
12. Chevron in Mist by Alice Kennedy


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  1. Beautiful palette and it just goes to show that Mother Nature never misses a beat when it comes to color.

    • She’s the master at color combinations! :)

    • Thanks, Vera! :) Definitely not a palette I’d create on my own!

  2. that’s gorgeous…and looks like the makings of a Pantone color challenge! i have some snow for you if you’d like…however snowy color palette for today here is simply…whitish/grayish & brownish!

    • Haha I noticed that it had some of those radiant orchid tones in there. :) It looks like we’re going to get our first real rain of the season this week. :O It won’t be enough, but at least it’s something. White, grey and brown can be quite pretty, too. ;)

    • Thanks Nicole! :) Please send your snow! :D While it’s hard to beat the weather around here (it was 75 degrees this weekend. People were grilling), we’re going to be paying for it later this year due to the lack of rain. :(

    • When I’m pulling fabrics from the Downton Abbey collection, you know it’s sophisticated. ;)

    • Thanks Lorna! Just goes to show that mother nature’s still got it! :)

  3. Love this pallete! I am glad we don’t get snow, but I do kinda wish we would get some rain. This week’s won’t amount to much : (. However, we have four birthdays in my family in Feb & March, so I kinda hope the rain doesn’t seriously come until April!

    • I feel you about the rain. I’m really worried about what this year is going to be like given how dry our winter has been! I’m looking forward to what little rain we can get!
      Four birthdays in two months, that’s a lot!! Is yours one of them? :D

  4. I was with Jody thinking it’d make an interesting Pantone scheme. Very pretty. Love the palette builder.

    • Thank you! It makes me happy to hear you love the palette builder. :D My pantone quilt actually uses some of these colors, but a lot more muted (except the purple). :)

    • Ohh that’s a super fun idea! I hadn’t considered that. :D

  5. Love this palette. So pretty!

    • With all the muted colors, it’s a bit more traditional than the colors I normally work with, but I think it would be lovely as a quilt. :)

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