Finish-along Q4 wrap-up 33

Well, the 2013 Finish-ALong party is wrapping up with the end of Q4. As part of the festivities, my first color tutorial of the year is being guest posted at She Can Quilt!


Feel free to head over there and read about contrast, and why that’s important to ninjas and quilters!

In the meantime, here’s how I did for the quarter.

1. Finished – Dragon Quilt for my niece


My last and favorite finish of the year! I will do a post about this quilt soon, I promise. This was the most creatively taxing quilt I’ve ever made, and the one that had me doubting myself the most, so invariably it ended up being my favorite quilt I’ve made, ever. It was well received by my niece, as well. 🙂 (Yes, I managed to give it up.) This is her twirling around in it after opening it on Christmas.

2. Finished – Urban Lattice for my dad


I posted about this finish already, but I got to gift it to my dad over the holidays! My mom keeps sending me pictures of my dad using the quilt which makes me super happy. 😀 He loved it, even though it didn’t have dragons on it.

3. Finished – Bento Box for Eli (and me!)


There’s quite the story that goes with the gifting of this quilt, which I’ll share soon, as well. This was the third Christmas quilt (next year: max 1 quilt as a gift. good grief.) and Eli was very happy about it!! And I am delighted every day when I see it on the bed. 😀

4. Rainbow/low-volume quilt for rainbowy goodness


I started working on this one and realized what I REALLY wanted to be using was oakshotts, not kaffe shots (they tend to be more subdued and I wanted the brighter oakshott colors) and so this has stalled out. I did order some oakshotts but they have no aqua. Can someone who is friends with them tell them to make an aqua? Thanks. 😀

5. Snake River for April & Kerry


This is my heavy guilt quilt. I haven’t touched it. This is going to be a focus on the new year because I need this out of my WIP list. And they’re past their 2nd anniversary now. Ack!!

6. Broken Herringbone Quilt for [now-known]


Well, I didn’t make this into a full quilt, but technically it’s off my WIP list, as it’s moved on to a new home. It got gifted to someone who really liked it and wanted to turn it into a quilt.

Score: 3/6 (In most classes, that would be an F, but given my track record, I’m giving myself an A for effort!)

Most of these finishes were newer things, I think this next round I need to focus on some of my older stuff to get it out of the backlog. 🙂


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33 thoughts on “Finish-along Q4 wrap-up

    • anne Post author

      Thank you Joanna!! I’ve been working on the bento box for so long (or y’know, sitting around with it partially made for so long anyway) that by the end I had trouble really “seeing” it. Now that it’s finished and on our bed it just makes me super happy! I hope you make one, it’s a fun pattern that really changes character between the boxes and the slicing. 🙂

  • Erin

    Oh you’re definitively scored an A. You’ve done brilliantly well. Can’t wait for your elaboration on the gifting of these quilts. And it’s good to know that they are all well loved.
    Btw I just read your tutorial and was blown away by the amazing detail you out in there! It’s fantabulous. And I couldn’t help but be impressed by the very pin able explanation photo. 😀
    E xx

    • anne Post author

      I’m going to try to get the posts written up for this week and next about them! I also should PROBABLY start working on something new. 😉 I feel like I should work on cleaning my craft space some first, though, but haven’t felt terribly motivated to do that. lol

      I’m so happy you liked the tutorial!! It was a lot of fun to put together. 😀 And of course I had to make a pin-button. 😉

  • jayne Willis

    You deserve an ‘A’ for sure! For beautiful quilts, making others happy and pushing yourself (the dragon quilt…perfection). We all have a list a mile long of what we want to make, try or learn. You made a valiant effort!!! I think its pretty awesome. I still want to make an Urban Lattice…its awesome!
    I will be excited to see where 2014 takes you! Happy New Year!

    • anne Post author

      Wow, thank you for your super kind words! The creative journey on the Dragon Quilt was pretty unique for me, and I’m still recovering from it a bit. lol I’m hoping to find the measurements for my modifications for the Urban Lattice so I can post them for others to use!
      Happy New Year, Jayne!

  • Pat (Sparky's Mom)

    That is a very enticing photo of the Dragon Quilt. Can hardly wait to see more of it. And I still just love your Bento Box.

    Happy New Year!!

    • anne Post author

      Happy New Year, Pat! 😀
      I’m hoping to get the post about the dragon quilt finished today or tomorrow. 🙂 And I’m so happy I got to keep the bento box quilt! I get a grin on my face every time I see it on the bed. 😀 “I made that!”

    • anne Post author

      Thank you! I like As! 😀 I’m going to try to get the dragon post up for tomorrow. 🙂 There’s just been a lot going on with the new year!

    • anne Post author

      Thank you Christa! 😀 I burned myself out a little bit with all the stuff needing to be done for Christmas, but I’m feeling more renewed now, and looking forward to creating again!

    • anne Post author

      Thanks Amanda! It’s what I expected to finish, so I’m actually pleased with it. 🙂 And hey, now I have the start of a list for next quarter! 😉

  • mlwilkie

    I think you had a great year – look at all the other things you finished….even a software upgrade which I love 🙂 Some companies like Oracle only have new releases every 2-5 years. You developed your own series and tutorials….You rocked 2013….you definitely deserve an A.

    • anne Post author

      Wow, I like the way you spin it. 😀 Those are totally things I’d forgotten about!! If there’s no flickr photo, it means it never happened, apparently. 😉 Now to figure out what to do next…

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. 😀

    • anne Post author

      Oooh yes, if you find any aqua oakshotts, let me know! I am hoping with their new colourshotts they will offer one, but so far all their blues are more solidly blue instead of green-blue. 🙂

      Thanks Leanne, I am actually pleased with what I accomplished! 3 larger quilts is enough for me! 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Definitely! I’ve given quilts to people who didn’t really understand the amount of work that goes into quilts, and it’s not worth it. Much nicer when people appreciate it AND love it. 😀

  • prsd4tim2

    Well done! I’m trying to not beat myself up over what I didn’t accomplish and instead be thrilled with what I managed to get done. And gifting something you aren’t particularly motivated to finish to someone who loves it is just awesome! (I think it’s gorgeous BTW and is seriously motivating me to try something similar!) I think you did great!

    • anne Post author

      It’s true, I have one guilt thing left on my list (that wedding quilt) but otherwise I’m really pleased with what I got done!
      I hope you do a broken herringbone quilt!! I love seeing everyone’s interpretation of the design. 😀 I knew the quilt would need to be gifted eventually because we have too much fur in our house to have anything with that much white. So not having to finish it before gifting was kinda nice, to be honest! lol

    • anne Post author

      HAhaha thank you! 😀 I just saw my niece this weekend as her family came up here for a quick vacation. One of the first things she told me when I saw her is that she had brought the quilt with her. <3