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Finish: Mountain Sunrise

This is a quilt I actually finished almost a year ago. However, it was slated for inclusion in the ill-fated book, so I never shared it on the blog. Since it seems like I may never actually have free time again in the quantities necessary to write a book, and if that day ever does come along I will likely want to do new patterns anyway, I figured I should just go ahead and share it here!


I’m also pleased to say that this quilt is going to be hanging at QuiltCon! I actually wasn’t going to include it originally, because I mean… it’s PINK. But there you go, you never know! I’ll share my QuiltCon reject sometime soon that I had figured was a shoe in.


Anyway, this quilt. I called this “Mountain Sunrise” because it reminded me of a misty mountainscape sunrise. The design is based on a QDAD design (as were almost all the book designs, actually!) and is really simple to put together as it’s entirely made up of large HSTs. The original design was done in greens, but I converted it to pinks (and made a few other changes to the design) when I reworked it for the book.

Getting that little pink bit in the binding (and lined up to look like the pink V was extending into the binding) was a shockingly huge PITA. I took this quilt to a quilting retreat and Karen @ capitolaquilter and her friend Anna (who by the end was my friend, too!) spent a LOT of time helping me work through getting the bias binding color bit to go where it’s supposed to. It didn’t help that it was really close to a corner, and I had run out of fabric. Worth it? Not sure. But at least it was a binding bonding moment! 😉



The quilting is done by Tami @ The Quilted Lemon, who is wonderful to work with. She let me loose on a webpage full of quilting designs and let me pick what I wanted. I ended up going with the triangle shape to mimic the triangles in the design, and she helped me figure out the best size to use with my quilt. I really love how it turned out!




Mountain Sunrise
Dimensions: 68″ x 88″
Fabrics: Background – Kona Ash, Foreground – Kona Raisin, Pomegranate, Punch, and Peach
Binding: Kona Ash, blip of Pomegranate
Back: Leftovers from the front (which I apparently have zero pictures of.)
Hours getting that binding blip to work: 3


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