Finish: Sew Sew Modern 2 Swap 16


I got back from Quilt Market late on Saturday, and my Sew Sew Modern 2 swap was due on Monday, and I wasn’t nearly as far along as I would like.

So I spent Sunday finishing most of the Multi-tasker Tote, leaving just the handles to finish Monday morning. Once that was done, I made a couple of zippy pouches to include and sent them along!


My partner had asked for a bag, so I thought I’d give it a try. This was my first “real” bag (other than some dice bags and a simple tote bag) and as I’ve mentioned to some people, I’m pretty sure there’s magic involved somewhere. I’m not totally sure how it ended up looking the way it did, but I’m super happy with how it turned out!


My swap partner didn’t request any colors in particular, so I browsed her flickr favorites and decided to go with a warm, earthy color scheme, partially because it’s something I’ve wanted to work with for a while but never had the chance. I designed a couple of feather paper-piecing patterns for the front and figured I’d play it by ear to figure out how to get them into the whole design of the bag.


This probably wasn’t the wisest design decision.. In the end I wanted to mimic the feel of the feather by doing a chevron shape, and I certainly would have done the background a bit differently had I know I was going to piece this into a chevron. And I certainly would have left more room! But it worked out fine.


For the other side, I continued the chevron/feather theme, and ended up with a fade effect on accident for one side of the chevron. I liked it, so I did the same on the other side. I really like how it came out!


For the main coordinating fabrics, I used Denyse Schmidt’s Ziggy Medallion in Red, and Martha Negley’s Farmington Feathers in Gold (continuing the feather theme!)


I decided to make a little matching zippy pouch to go with the bag. It fits into the pocket on the inside, but I used the chicopee print so that it would show up if it dropped into the bottom of the bag.



My partner also loves dogs, so I made a bonus zippy pouch using Heather Ross’s dog print, and apple green shot cotton for the inside. It doesn’t go at all, but I love how cute it is!

Hopefully my partner likes her package, it’s in the mail and on its way!

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Finishing this was my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for May, so I am also linking up there.


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16 thoughts on “Finish: Sew Sew Modern 2 Swap

  • Adrianne

    Anne, this is amazing! I can’t believe you are a bag novice – it turned out beautifully. I was too chicken to make my partner a bag (didn’t want to send her my possibly dodgy first time work) but now I am inspired to give bag making a try. I don’t think this is coming to me (unless you have thrown in some pretty clever misdirection!), but I wish it was!

    • anne Post author

      You’re always so sweet, thank you!! I really think that it helped that this was a pretty professional pattern. I just followed it one step at a time. I was planning to have enough time to redo it if it was terrible, but ran out of time between my sewing machine breaking, my wrists getting messed up, and last-minute quilt marketing! So I am REALLY glad it turned out well. Phew.
      I’m debating if I should do SSM3 (I’m sure there will be one) just because I kind of want a break from deadline sewing. But then I get excited about all the pretties. So I’m torn.
      And what, don’t you like dogs?!

    • anne Post author

      Aww, thank you!! It’s a color scheme I’ve seen show up on flickr quite a bit, so I was happy to have a chance to try it out. 🙂 I’m ALMOST ready for a break from low volume, though.
      Almost. 😉

    • anne Post author

      I hope my partner likes it! I always hate waiting for the package to arrive. Blargh, especially international. This concludes my last major sewing obligation, so now I need to decide what thing I want to work on next instead of chasing deadlines! I’m excited. 😀

    • anne Post author

      Sure, I could share the patterns. 🙂 There is a y-seam and some pretty small pieces that could be cleaned up that might make it more friendly, though! I tend to be mean to myself when I make paper-piecing patterns. lol

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much!! I had fun making the pattern, although I didn’t realize until I was making it that I had left in a y-seam. Oops! lol Oh well, good practice!

    • anne Post author

      Thank you!! It had it’s design challenges, but I am definitely happy with the results! I would definitely recommend the Multi-Tasker Tote pattern as well, it’s really well done!