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Finish: Sew Sew Modern 4

My partner has received her Sew Sew Modern 4 items, so I can share what I sent out! I’m really happy with how these turned out!


My partner was FairlyMerry and she asked for a mini-quilt inspired by the art of Charley Harper. She has four beautiful bunnies, so I decided to make a mini based on Harper’s cottontail rabbit print, each panel modeled after one of FairlyMerry’s buns. I had a great time going through her IG feed to get to know her buns!


The bunnies are all appliquΓ©d, with some embroidered details. I did straight line quilting to accentuate the vertical lines of the piece, making sure that each piece had quilting over it, just in case the fusing failed.


These are done as QAYG, and it was my first time attaching QAYG panels together. My 1/4″ seams weren’t as accurate as I was hoping (they were done when I first got my Juki) and so the back doesn’t line up as nicely as it could, but I love how the front turned out!


For the small item, I first made an open-wide zippered pouch. I wasn’t happy with how it didn’t feel like it went with the mini, so I racked my brain for something else to make. I knew she liked owls, and I saw on one of the threads she had mentioned she would like an embroidery hoop design.


So back to the Steam-A-Seam 2 and embroidery thread, and I made this small 5″ barn owl hoop, again in the style of Charley Harper.


I always say I won’t do anymore swaps, but I absolutely love the creative challenge they provide when I do them. I find working with someone else in mind is always more entertaining than trying to please myself. I’m not sure if that is me acknowledging how difficult I really am, or if I just recognize my own fickleness. Either way, it means I can’t seem to stay out of swaps!


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