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From design to reality

I’ve mentioned my quilt design a day challenge a couple times before, and it’s still going strong. Although I’m thinking I might take a break for a bit and do some pattern making. There are a few I would really like to make available!


I’ve done a couple of abstract landscapes, which really grabbed my interest and refused to let go. Because the shapes were simple, I figured I could bust one of them out pretty quickly. And it did go fairly quickly. I made notes to myself as I went along so that I could improve the pattern for general use, as well as improve my techniques. I thought I’d share a couple of them here.


Dear self –

Love that paper-piecing pattern so I don’t have to cut any funky angles! Do you think next time maybe you could try double checking the measurements and sizing up or down to a common size so that I don’t have to try to match up stripes that are 3.8759″ wide?

Cool. Thanks.

Dear self –

Good plan on that basting where the seams meet to get higher accuracy. However, it works best if you baste and thenΒ check that things are lined up correctly, because otherwise you just end up with an extra seam to rip when it’s invariably wrong.


I found a Moose in the forest!

Any thoughts on quilting for this one? I’m really at a loss.

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday.


P.S. The top is what that big chunk of Kona Ochre was for.

P.P.S. I know there’s something weird going on with bloglovin’ not posting my stuff right away and then dumping it all at once after about a week. I’ve contacted them, and they’re trying to figure it out.


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