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Juki Blocks

Thanks everyone for all your great advice on my birthday post! I’ve been responding to everyone privately for the most part due to the personal nature of many of your messages.


In other news, I’ve been putting my new Juki through its paces, and I am loving it so far! I got it up to full speed once and that was a bit terrifying. I think it’ll take some time to work my way up to that.


Mostly I’ve been focusing on the thing I’m making for my SSM4 swap partner, which I can’t really show. (blah blah secret blah blah) But I managed to get all four panels straight-line quilted which you can see in the very exciting picture above. I broke out my Hera marker for this and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed. I’ll definitely be using that more in the future.


What I can show you is that I’m back at the Skill Builder blocks! I’ve finished up my two March blocks, the woven star and the woven chevron. I made modifications to both blocks just to give them a more woven look.


The woven chevron might be my new favorite block! April blocks will be a bit, as they are EPP blocks and I’m waiting for my templates to arrive.


I’m still playing around with getting a good scant 1/4″ seam on the Juki. It comes with a 1/4″ foot, but it does a generous 1/4″ which is the opposite of what I want. On my Pfaff I just tweaked the needle alignment to make it work, but there’s no needle alignment adjustment on the Juki since it just does a straight-stitch. I know I could just line it up with the edge of another foot or with the line on the needle plate, but I really like having the thing to press the edges of the fabric up to. It really does a lot for consistency (for me, anyway). I might have to get used to other methods, though. 🙂

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced for her WIP Wednesday!


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