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Motivational Monday: Dissertation Quilt Edition

Phew! Last week, Anne and I both turned in our dissertation drafts to our committees. Please forgive our radio silence, but we’re back now! And ready to craft.

We’re not quite done with our PhD journeys yet, but we’re getting pretty close! And, now that the end is in sight, we both want to commemorate the occasion by making quilts. Because that’s just what we do. Between the two of us, we’ve written over 110,000 words for our dissertations, and the amount of reading we’ve done is practically immeasurable. So incorporating text prints (which, not so coincidentally, we both ADORE) seems pretty appropriate!

So here’s what’s motivating me this week: text prints and typewriters, black and white with hints of color, and the creative use of selvedges. Bring on the crafting time.

1. Text Quilt – KIng Size – fabric available on spoonflower, 2. cubicles quilt, 3. more zip pouches, 4. Selvedge circles, 5. SOL Block 2, 6. Authentic Quilt Top, 7. Coasters, 8. Column Inches progress, 9. Cherry Blossom Mini


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