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Motivational Monday – Retreat edition

This week, I am motivated by something slightly different. I was without my computer all weekend (or cell phone!) not because of anything bad (thank goodness), but because I was at a guild retreat. And I am feeling very motivated and inspired by this wonderful group of women!


It was definitely one of the best weekend I’ve had, full of laughter, sharing and knowledge. There were so many impromptu tutorials, cheers for every completion, and fabric swaps going on the whole time, and it made for such a wonderful creative environment.

A few personal highlights:

Teaching Karen @ capitola quilter how to do EPP at 1:30 in the morning, which led to tons of giggles about a leftie teaching a rightie, and comments from Mariah as she went to bed, “what BETTER time to teach someone hand sewing than 1:30 in the morning!”

The group coining a new phrase “batik bombing” (similar to photo bombing) in which you sneak a batik into a modern quilt project.

Impromptu group dance when YMCA came on (in which we sang Y-seam instead of YM)

All the fabric presents that people left for others, either at their sewing machine when that person got up for a bit, or scraps being thrown at each other.

Winning a really beautiful cotton couture FQ bundle during the button game.

Karen showing me that my presser foot lever has a different “gear” it can be placed into. And then subsequently showing me how to FMQ and finally facing my FMQ fear and conquering it!

I took a quick nap Saturday afternoon to be prepared for the late night (extra hour of sewing due to the time change!) and in that half-waking, half-sleep state, I had an idea for a quilt top pop into my head, and it wouldn’t go away. So I started making it!

The octopus block shows an example of “batik bombing”

While it’s nice to be home (and actually get some sleep!), I already miss the retreat and want to go to another one. Special thanks to all the hard work done by Karen, Tina, Susy, Rebecca, Mariah, and Susan for making the retreat a huge success.


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