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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Featured, QDAD, Works in Progress | 28 comments

Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom

Just a quick reminder that voting for the Pantone Quilt Challenge ends tomorrow night! Go here to vote. You get one vote per category.

I’ve been busy pattern making for the last week or so, and it’s a bit of a trial by fire. I have no real idea what I’m doing, but I just keep trying things until something works! At least I have a lot of designs to try out because of the Quilt Design A Day thing.


I’ve also been sewing up some of the patterns. I don’t have a lot of time to sew right now, so I wanted something pretty simple but wasn’t reliant on using all solids. I took my design from 3-21 (which hasn’t made it to the blog yet) that was inspired by this photo and palette from design seeds.┬áThe photo is of some brightly colored macarons. The design is pretty straightforward to make, so it’s perfect for the little bits of time I have to sew.


If I were to make this the full size, I’d need 120 “macarons”, but I might stop before that. I’m using my warm-toned Oakshotts and low volume prints. I’m finding I’m really lacking in oranges and yellows as far as Oakshotts are concerned, but I have tons of pinks, reds and purples. That’s totally an excuse to buy more Oakshotts, right?


I’m trying to make a few blocks every night, and see how far I get with it. Wish me luck I don’t find a new shiny before the quilt top gets finished!

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced and her WIP Wednesday link party.


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  1. Be interesting to see these blocks with a different background color than white (easily subbed in the illustrator pic)…!

    • Someone else on flickr was suggesting that as well. :) I’ll have to give it a try! I think I might have set myself up a bit by calling these macarons. They’re inspired by them, but I don’t feel the need for them to look particularly like them. But I will play around and see what I come up with and whether I like it better! :D Y’all have convinced me. :)

  2. I love this :) And I love that you are getting inspired to make some of your qdad. Especially since I was inspired enough to make one :)

    • I saw that this morning! It’s so cute!!! As an aside, do you mind if I show your photo of it on the blog at some point?
      I’m having a blast making these designs become reality. :) I just wish I had more time to make more of them!

  3. How about trying to make the cookies in strip sets that you crosscut? Cut a full width of fabric strip that is equal to the height of the cookie top. Do the same with the white, colored, white, and bottom. Sew the strips together in their order. Crosscut at the width of each cookie. It would make more cookies at once. They’ll be identical, but you can make multiple strip sets so you have an assortment.

    • Oh no fear, that’s how I’m making them! There are fewer of some colors than others just because the pieces of oakshotts I had are different sizes (some are just scraps). Good news is that even though there are quite a few identical combinations up there, people aren’t noticing, so it looks like the randomness is still preserved! :)

  4. I’m enjoying your quilt design a day series since design is the part I like best. This quilt will be lovely with it’s subtle simpleness. You have a great selection of neutrals going on. The comment above about making strip sets is a good one since there are so many blocks.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Design is my favorite part, too (which I guess is maybe obvious since it’s something I do every day. lol ) You should join the facebook group and join in if you want! We have a fun little community going around the design a day. :)
      We’re here if you (or anyone reading this comment) would like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1382986385304572/

      As for the strip sets, that’s exactly how I’m constructing them. :) It still takes quite a bit of time to make (so many loooongggggggg seams!), but it’s way faster than doing them singly!

    • Thanks so much, Vera! :D

  5. oh I really like these bite sized bits! I could see me making these.

    • They go together pretty fast. It just takes a bajillion of them. :D

  6. I love this quilt so much! Please finish at least a lap size! I would love to buy it. Let me know if it needs a home :)

    • Wow, thank you! I wasn’t planning to sell it, but I will let you know if I change my mind! :)

  7. Yummy yummy! Looks good enough to eat! What shall today’s Macaroons bring? =)

    • That design seeds lady sure likes cookies, flowers, and doors! lol

  8. What will you use for sashing?

    • I’m really leaning towards white. I know it doesn’t make the macarons stand out as units, but I was going for a more abstract design than that. I’ll try a few colors before I decide for sure, though. :)

  9. Love this simple, striking and Oommm’ish design!

    • Haha I see what you did there! Thank you so much! It’s a fun project to work on here and there. :)

    • I’m pretty stubborn, so I’ll probably just push through to 120. :) Now I just need some time to make some progress!!

  10. this is so awesome and so is your inspiration! i love macarons, AND oddly enough, i love PICTURES of macarons! i have favorited them in flickr and i have pinned them in pinterest! i just bought Martha Stewart Living because they are on the cover! maybe i’ll make some someday, too – i mean the ones you eat. in the meantime, i love your quilt! (:

    • HAhahaha you’re hilarious! Most pictures of macarons ARE on the artful side, though, so I guess I can understand your love of them. :) If you make some, make sure you take photos of them!

    • Thanks so much! :D I just finished another 36 or so, so I’m now over halfway done making them. :)

  11. You are such an awesome designer! Seriously… I love these and the pictures are so great.

    • Wow, thank you Paula! <3 I really appreciate your compliment! I needed that today. :D

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