Quick Quilt Top 10

Well here’s a quilt top that kinda came out of nowhere.


My local guild, South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, started a charity group called PIF (Pay It Forward). To get it started, we’re attempting to make 31 quilts in 31 days for Jacob’s Heart which is a group that supports children with cancer and their families. Since there’s some time pressure, I drafted up this quick pattern and made this in a few hours. I tried to stick to gender neutral colors, but I’m not sure the prints aren’t a bit girly.

As I was making this quilt, I kept thinking about the child that would receive it. I hope it goes to someone who likes animals and reading given all the animal prints and the few bookish prints I added in there. And I really hope it makes their day a little bit better.


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10 thoughts on “Quick Quilt Top

    • anne Post author

      Thank you! 😀 Although, now I’m at that point that I hate in which I need to baste and quilt it. And figure out a back for it. I think if quilting went straight from make the top to binding I’d get a lot more done. lol

    • anne Post author

      That’s so sweet! Thank you! I can get you the measurements if you want. 🙂 If I made a change, I’d change the inside squares to be a bit bigger and the sashing to be a bit smaller. But it’s built around the middle section using charm squares. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      It really is! I had no idea. I saw all those charity quilts and wondered what the draw is, but I really understand it now. I’m hoping to make another top this weekend. I should figure out what pattern to use…

      Thank you!

  • jody

    there is no DOUBT this will make ANY child’s day & week & LIFE better! SO pretty, SO sweet, LOVE this simple but graphically wonderful quilt pattern! and i just realized in a post somewhere on flickr i called your guild NCMQG (northern california) – my apologies! kudos to your guild on such an ambitious Giving goal – so generous and wonderful!!!

    • jody

      omg, this will actually be what gets me off my computer butt today – going to make that little center block right this minute – seriously! (:

      • anne Post author

        Let me know how it goes!! I actually wish I’d recalculated for .5″ finished sashing in the middle bits just to give a little more room for the prints. 🙂 The next border uses charm squares, and the last one uses most of a FQ. 🙂 If you want more precise measurements, please let me know, I have them written down. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      That is so sweet, thank you!! I’m soooo antsy to finish up these charity quilts but my machine is at the shop right now. I have to finish them by Tuesday, so it will happen somehow! All that’s left is the binding. 🙂