Quilt Design A Day 6

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I passed my five month mark at QDAD. I don’t even know how I’ve possibly made 5+ months of daily designs!

When QDAD started, I had this fear that I’d open the design-seeds image and nothing would come to me, and I’d just be out of designs. At some point along the way, that fear has gone away. On this day, I opened the two images and nothing came to me. 

Fortunately by t
his point, a lot of this is just habit, so I opened up the image and did the things I normally do and somehow this showed up. It started with the rectangular shapes at the top and bottom that mimic the rectangle shapes at the very top of the source image. The rest just sort of filled itself in.

I absolutely love this palette! I enjoy looking at Mayan motifs, and I think that worked its way into this design a bit.

I was drawn to the dark stripe down the feathers in the source image, and I wanted to try to come up with a repeat that looked like feathers.

This was one of those days where I tried lots of things and didn’t like any of them. I finally cut myself off after going way past the time limit. Nice thing is there’s always tomorrow!

It’s funny how often terrible design days come right before or right after great design days. This is one of my favorite designs I’ve done. I’ve been [slowly] turning it into a quilt. I did a scrappy version of this and I sort of want to revisit it and do this very simple version. I’d been trying for a long time to capture the delicate nature of some of the flower images, and I really feel like I got it with this one! 🙂

And, more sandwiching good design days with bad design days. Not that I dislike these designs, but after having such success the day before, these felt disappointing.

This was me attempting to play with improv which is something I’m not super comfortable with. I like how this came out for the most part, but I was really frustrated when I made this. I was really struggling with everything feeling super derivative. I think I go through that once every couple weeks.

At this point I’d made what felt like a bajillion feather-related designs. So when I saw the feather image, I couldn’t face doing another feather design! The source image looks like the feather is floating, so I thought “what else floats?” Balloons were the first thing that popped into my head, and here you go. This design came together super fast. It almost felt like cheating.

As always, if you’re interested in joining the Quilt Design A Day group, we’re an open group on facebook and there’s no pressure! Come participate or lurk or comment or whatever. 🙂 You can see my previous months of designs here.


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6 thoughts on “Quilt Design A Day

    • anne Post author

      Oh man, I just counted out how many hours I’ve spent on this stuff, and I’m a LONG way away from 10K hours! LOL

  • Amanda | My Sewcial Hour

    I am envious of your 5 months! What an awesome accomplishment!!! Looking forward to seeing more of these quilted up…I wish there was a way to have a folder in our group to post the pics of the ones that are actually being made. Then we could see everyone’s all together.

    • anne Post author

      Don’t be envious! You will get there. 🙂 And we will celebrate it! ^_^ I could make a folder for the pics of things being made, but the way facebook deals with photo folders is lame, and it’d end up getting buried. I wish it would put them in order of “most recently had something added to it” but I guess chronological is nice for other reasons. But having a pinned folder would be super useful!