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Quilt Design A Day

Friday! And Halloween as well! Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate it. 🙂 We had plans to dress up the dog, but once again, I have failed to make the costume in time. I really want to make a purse costume so I can have a Saint Bernard-in-a-purse. Super-sized purse dog!

I’ll just go ahead and throw that on the list for next year… It can sit next to the yearly recurring “make a tree skirt” to-do item.

Anyway, Friday means Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) time! So here’s another week worth of designs. For this week (and next) I was focusing on trying to get a better handle on improv designs. Yes, I realize that improv is by definition not from a pattern, but it’s still nice to get an idea for balance, movement, and different ways to push the improv by using these design sketches.

9-5: strawberry palette

This is a repeating block with random coloration where sometimes the background color ends up in the block so it looks like the blocks are different shapes. This was my toe-in-the-water attempt at improv. I’m not that impressed with this method.

9-6: pasture tones

So I tried a different method. I call it the “fine, I won’t be lazy” method (in contrast to the previous method I tried) in which I actually made different shapes and drew things out instead of just copy and pasting. I used long, vertical rectangles to mimic the long, vertical stems in the inspiration image. I actually really like this design, although I’d probably prefer different colors.

9-7: mineral sparkle

Bolstered by my previous attempt, but wanting something that was block-based, I came up with this design. The colors reminded me of denim jeans, so I put in the quilting lines using the gold like a pair of jeans would have. I’m not sure if they add or detract, but I really like the ombre effect of the blocks themselves.

9-8: flora tones
Lulu Carpenter's
Lulu Carpenter’s table and chairs

Still playing with the improv theme. However, we also started up a QDAD group challenge at this point, where we took pictures of textures around our neighborhood and tried to incorporate that into our designs. So for this design, I used the texture of some tables and chairs outside one of the local coffee shops.

9-9: produced palette
Tree Grate
Tree Grate

For this one, I used a photo of the grates around our downtown trees as the inspiration for the shape. This is one of my favorite designs, but that may have more to do with the colors than the actual design itself.

9-10: nature hues

I actually used this image for the rest of the neighborhood challenge, because I was so frustrated with all my attempts at it. This particular attempt looks really constrained. Or possibly like a stained glass window through a grating.

9-11: apple hues

Another try at the fencing photo. Still not happy with it. I have a hard time with improv angles, I think. You’ll have to come back next week to see the design I finally made from this inspiration image that I was finally happy with! Can you possibly wait that long?!?

For now, that’s another week wrapped up! Here’s my question for you all:
Are any of you or your family members (furry or otherwise) dressing up? What are you dressing up as?

I hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend!



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