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Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Design, Featured, QDAD | 141 comments

Quilt Design A Day Giveaway!

Quilt Design A Day Giveaway!

It’s the time for another exciting round of Quilt Design A Day! It’s my 6-month-design-a-day-iversary today, so I thought we could celebrate by doing a giveaway! (Also, that totally rhymed.) Details at the end.

For now, here’s some designs from the end of May/beginning of June. I had just purchased two quarter-circle templates (in 3.5″ and 6.5″ sizes) from bettycrockerass and I decided I’d do some designs for a bit based on the templates. This turned into an almost month-long design exploration, so prepare for a lot of curves in the coming weeks!

I really love this palette, it’s so fresh and summery! This fun floral shape felt a bit celebratory like the beginning of summer.

I really enjoy seeing new shapes emerge when using the two sizes of quarter circles together. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers!

So obviously I took a little break from circles here! I had spent the day at a Maker Event in a barn and was really inspired by the tire tread on one of the tractors on the farm. This design is a direct result of that!

Trying to capture the idea of little whirlwinds. I’m not particularly fond of this design, but you can’t love them all!


6-3: sugared tones – Morsafada

And then this happened. When I made this design, I really didn’t like it. I posted something to the effect “the only way I like this design is if I think about it as the beginning of some alien flora series.” That night my brain wouldn’t let go of that idea and it did indeed become the beginning of an alien flora series of designs. This one now exists as a completed project, with lights and everything!

For each alien flora, I wrote up a little backstory. Here’s the one for the Morsafada plant: The Morsafada plant has small pendulous blooms which come in a large variety of colors. They are native to the planet Hadu and are often used as decorative plants by its inhabitants. 

The stamen of the Morsafada plant change color when approached, so they are often planted near dwelling entrances to give a sense of welcome to visitors.


6-4: floating hues – Draakflor

The poisonous Draakflor (right) is named for its resemblance to the forest dragons that also inhabit the region. The almost invisible thorns are carefully harvested and used for medicinal purposes. If handled incorrectly, it has been known to cause paralysis and even death, and should never be ingested.

The young Draakflor (left), before it has reached full bloom and color is non-poisonous and often prized for use in floral arrangements due to its translucent petals.


6-5: global hues and flora tones – Härmastoft

The Härmastoft, first discovered by Swedish intergalactic explorers, requires a great deal of heat to bloom. The stiff, brushy plant has large buds which mimic the nests of the local Vogelsperling. The Vogelsperling are a very nurturing species of small birds, and upon seeing an untended nest, they will immediately begin caring for it. The body heat of the nesting bird allows the plant to bloom. 

The relationship is not totally one-sided, as the blooms attract insects that the Vogelsperling feed upon.

The Härmastoft has flourished across its homeworld (MH-779) to many different biomes by adapting its coloring to match the nests of the subspecies of vogelsperling that inhabit the area.


Congratulations for making it this far! Most of the designs we do in the QDAD group use 6 colors. So I thought it’d be fun to do a custom bundle of 6 half-yards of Kona Cottons. If you win, you can choose the 6 colors (or you can let me choose if you’d rather.)

To enter: Leave a comment about the color or colors you don’t like working with or have a hard time with! (And if you’re like me and love them all, that’s fine, too!)

Contest will go until Tuesday, July 22nd, 9pm Pacific. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday. Good luck!


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  1. Thank you for the great ideas! You’re so smart! I always have trouble with “muddy”. Love clear, true colors. Would love to see what you would pick.

  2. I love red but have a hard time using it because I think it overpowers everything else.

  3. I tend to think I don’t like pastels but I’ve been using them more lately without realizing. They look great as contrast against some of the darker colors you used in your designs.

  4. So far I don’t have any colors that I really hate. It really just depends on my mood as to what colors I use :)

  5. Im always so impressed with your QDAD creations;
    and for colors I just really dislike brown, but totally love bright and happy colors

  6. The purple and violet fabric that comes in bundles almost never gets used. I can not think what to make with them.

  7. I don’t tend to use pastels, especially pink, also I find it really hard to find medium blues, all blues tend to be navy or aqua right now.

  8. I’m not a huge fan of the aqua and pink combo but I enjoy working with all colors. Do you use illustrator for your designs? They are all fantastic. I could see a modern quilt sampler with all of the flower designs.

    • Hi Claudia!

      Yes, I use Illustrator to make my designs. :) The other people in the QDAD group use other programs. The three most common are EQ7, Illustrator and Inkscape. :)

  9. I don’t do brown at all! Also avoid olive green. Everything else is fair game!!!

  10. I truly love all colors but would have to say that I don’t uses a whole lot of orange. Instead I use peach and coral or pumpkin, hardly ever a true orange :). Thanks for the chance to win! I need some solids in my stash desperately

  11. I don’t use orange or bright colors too often. I like blues and pastels.

  12. Ooohh… what’s better than a giveaway? A Kona giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.
    I work with a lot of different colours, but I would say there’s been an absence of yellow in my projects for a while. It’s hard to find just the right yellow. I don’t have near that trouble with blues!

  13. I really dont mind any colors (but I’m new, so maybe after trying more out I’ll have some I prefer to avoid). However, I found it hard when I was working with a piece of printed fabric from a collection that no longer existed- finding coordinates was really tough! Kona’s are a favorite of mine so thanks for the chance to win some!

  14. I love your designs! I love to use every color in quilts. I have a few un-favorite colors ( orange and yellow) but somehow when you add them to a quilt it works!

  15. I haven’t made a quilt in orange and teal/turquoise. Always seems like it will work perfectly well, but the fabric pull has never yet made it out of my stash…

  16. I want to try everything but I’m never sure about black as a background color!

  17. Summer, mustaches? bikinis? Chilled, rotate 180 deg and the m’s are coming, the m’s are coming. Peacock, the aliens are invading. Feathered, whirlwinds aren’t square. Sugared, that one makes me giggle. Floating, just a pussycat in disguise. Global and flora, Dutch girls with big ummm… wings on their bonnets? Colors? I love Kona solids, surprise me.

  18. I have trouble with brown. I love your quilt designs!

  19. Like a few of the other commenters, I also have a hard time with browns.

  20. Great designs, Anne. I love bright colors, but I’m not particularly fond of gray. I’m learning to work with it, but I still don’t love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I really don’t like muddied hues of any color. I prefer bright clear colors and just adore Kona. Your designs are amazing!

  22. I love all colors, but don’t like brown-toned colored fabrics. They just look dingy. I like clean, pure colors best!

  23. Really nice designs. I am an equal opportunity fabric color user. Love all colors.

  24. I like most colors, but prefer to work with the cooler side of the color wheel. The reds, pinks oranges and yellows are much less represented in my quilts. I really like the design from 5/30 . it reminds me of the collars on the shirts my mom used to make.

  25. Loved this blog! I love all colors. I would love it if you would choose for me, if I won :) Thank you

  26. I’m having hard time with blue and yellow combo. It is supposed to be like sun and sky but there are many shades and those I seen are not pretty. There might be some exceptions but this combo really does not speak to me. I’m having trouble with yellow in general.

  27. I hate red. Its ugly, the colors run when you wash it, and I swear the fabric feels different. I also swear red thread breaks more easily.

  28. I have a heard time working with purples! No inspiration! Thanks for the chance!

  29. The color I used to have a hard time with was orange. I simply detested it, much to the dismay of my sweetheart, who loves orangey anything. Then I was worn down by all the great oranges that bombarded me when it became popular again. Much as I hate to admit that I’m affected by pop culture, I now love orange: orange and navy, orange and plum, orange and gray…never too old to grow, I guess.

  30. When I quilt, I guess the color I have not used yet it black, but I don’t hate it (I have some in my stash) , I just have not found the project I want to do with it.

  31. Wow, I’d love to take a shot at making your tulip design on the right. Those colours are so soft and muted, and I love the design. Stunning.

  32. Um yeah, I love all the colors. And I really love your peacock hues tire tread!!

  33. Have a hard time with tan, love brights, rainbow colors.

  34. I love the designs!! I struggle with browns

  35. My least favorite color is orange. One year my quilt guild did a challenge and gave me a piece of very bright orange hand dye fabric. I ended up making a wall hanging with numerous stars in all sizes with a dark royal blue hand dye. It was my favorite wall hanging. I sold it last year.

  36. never meet a color i didn’t love

  37. Congrats on doing this for six months! I like all colours, especially the bright ones but beiges and its variants are a bit of a challenge for me. If those colours are a neutral, then fine and no problem. But as the dominant colour? Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

  38. Great ideas!!
    Brown is the only colour I have trouble using !!

  39. Love that tulip design, but don’t give me orange!

  40. I love them all, but do have a hard time with brown, so any color other than brown and I will be a happy person.

  41. Don’t love pink. And I am ok with that.

  42. I have a hard time working with brown & with muddy colors. I gravitate toward blues/greens/purples, jewel tones, and bright rainbow colors.

  43. Your designs are just spectacular! Love all the curves! I want to say I have trouble with brown, but it’s a case of not trying to use it! Maybe I should change that. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  44. Wow, there are so many cool designs here! I actually love that whirlwind one… it reminds me a bit of Islamic tile patterns. The alien flora are great too, and I love the especially nurturing bird species.

    I struggle with purple a little bit and seem not to use it very much. I’m not sure why; I like it in my non-quilting life.

  45. I don’t like working with browns. I’m drawn to “happy” colors. If I win, i would like you to chose so that it is a surprise! I’ve enjoyed seeing your designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  46. So far I haven’t worked well with black, Brown, or orange. I seem to gravitate towards bright colors that are happy. I have a couple of designs I might try later with darker colors. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love anything you send!


  47. Yellows and oranges. I like the colors but I can’t seem to work them into designs for quilts that will compliment the palette of my home or cabin in the forest. Seems I only use them for gifts.

  48. I am not a fan of purple. I don’t mind it, and am actually using a light purple in a project currently, but given a choice between purple and another color I will always pick the other color!

  49. I have trouble with black or navy blue, especially id I have to get out my seam ripper!

  50. Great designs! I like some colors more than others and it depends on the design of the quilt and who I am making it for as to what colors I would use. Love Coral and Navy!!

  51. I have a hard time with yellow… Especially mustard and gold. Not sure why… Just not my colors I suppose!

  52. Great blocks! I don’t like to work with pinks and greens. Thanks!

  53. I would like to work more with yellow and orange.

  54. Love lots of colors, I tend to use blue a lot.

  55. I have a hard time working with creams and browns. Love this series…so inspirational!

  56. I have a hard and or maybe dont like working with… light blue and red. I also have a hard time working with orange, but I do like that one!

  57. You know I love your aliens! <3 Those tulips are amazing. I really have trouble with brown!

  58. Mustard and dark gray are my “no way!” colors. Love pastels of every color.

  59. I really dislike muddy, antique colors. I work with printed fabrics and greatly dislike Civil War or Primitive anything. I love clear, bright colors. You’re choices are wonderful. I really love Kona Color cottons. Thank you for this giveaway chance.

  60. I have a hard time working with brown. I guess because it’s not very exciting to me? I like brown, though! I like all of the colors!!! (Arms and fists raised above my head)

  61. The colors I have the least of are orange and purple. It’s not that I don’t like them but I find it hard to find shades that I like.

  62. I think your blocks are great. I wish I knew how to design like this. Personally, I don’t really like working with oranges. I look at orange fabrics, and think Halloween….I just can’t get past it.

  63. I thought I had trouble working with oranges and browns, but I just made a baby quilt for my niece using those colors in a bear’s paw pattern, and loved it! I guess it depends on who I’m making it for, and the color combination. I think I’d have a hard time using black or grey. I tend to like light florals.

  64. Oh my gosh, can I completely steal chilled hues to make?! (Of course telling everyone you were the brains for the arrangement!). I only just came home from buying this fabric for a one-day-quilt back but I had no idea what to do with a front: http://instagram.com/p/qn0mpXjekd/ and that tulip design seems so perfect for it. And winning a Kona bundle of colours that would match that backing would be awesome hehe.

    Thinking through all the coloured fabrics I have, I think I have the hardest time with green. It comes in so many shades (citron, teals, forest, emerald, grassy) but I never seem to have the shade I want. I’m doing a Christmas quilt but I’m struggling to find decent dark bold Christmassy greens!

    • You’re totally welcome to use the chilled hues design! It would go lovely with that backing fabric, you’re right!! Credit is always appreciated of course. ^_^ And if you make it, please share photos, I would love to see it!!

  65. I can’t do browns. At all. Not sure why…

  66. I love green, but I find it hard to get greens to go together, there are so many different hues, shades and tones

  67. I love all of the colors! I’m a scrappy quilter. I use them all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. The colour I have the least of, and am not a fan of, is pink. I do not know why, but I find this colour does not appeal to me and it is a struggle for me to even incorporate into a quilt. The ones I have a lot of are oranges, purples and greens.

  69. I’m really loving all of the qdad goodness, such a great concept & the designs are amazing! I love all colours but have not much yellow & don’t seem to be able to make it ‘play nicely with others’ unless I’m going with a rainbow colour scheme. Thanks for all the eye-candy & inspiration & for the lovely giveaway too!

  70. I have a hard time with reds and aquas together. I know that they go together but it just feels wrong to me when I look at it.

  71. I love them all, but I have problems with browns. My brain refuses to make good choices where they’re concerned. (Just yesterday, I pieced a selection of browns with a light lime green… It’s awful, but it’s too late now).
    Thank you for the giveaway !

  72. I like working with cool colours and do okay with reds and pinks but I struggle with yellows, oranges and browns!

  73. I use a lot of purples and have always avoided blues, but I’m trying to use brighter colors across the spectrum. My brain is working on something with the complementary colors blue/green and red/orange.

  74. I love color! I have become fond of blue, berry and green together. I’d love to branch out and use more color, especially browns. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  75. I think I have a hard time putting brown with anything. I really love orange and lime green.

  76. Wow- your designs are amazing! And I do love the feathered one- looks like mini tornadoes! I use a lot of blues and bright greens, but have always avoided yellows and reds. Now I’m going to have to wonder why!

  77. I haven’t worked a lot with reds or oranges. I am drawn more to cool colors.

  78. I love to see what inspires other peoples’ designs….tire treads….who’d have thought. Inspriation is everywhere if you look. My most difficult color to work with is pink. I just think it looks little girlish no matter what it’s paired with. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  79. Congrats on hitting the half year mark. I love your aliens – both the designs and their stories. I’m going to have to officially go with liking to work with all colors. Not all colors all the time and not equally but at some point everything appeals to me and I couldn’t rule anything out.

  80. I love the challenge of working with “unusual” fabrics. Bring it on!
    By the way, your original alien always reminds me of an ANGEL!

  81. I love color of all shades, but pink might be my favorite:) Thanks the for the chance to win:)

  82. Love the tulips in chilled hues. You’ve been very creative over six months-congrats! As for hard to work with colors, it’s yellow, orange, and brown for me.

  83. Crazy thing – I have lots of pinks that I use for charity quilts but I am NOT a pink person, or gold or brown. Love to work with purples, aquas and greens most, but will work with any other colors!

  84. I love all colors, but somehow I don’t use much brown. I love working with purples, greens, pinks, yellows, and sometimes reds and blues.

  85. I find brown and maroon are hard to work with. I love bright colors, so tend to use those the most. Love those tulips!

  86. I really can’t stand pink. Having said that, the last quilt I made had pink in it, because the person it was for liked it.

  87. What fun! I admire all of your experiments, especially alien flora! I don’t like working with brown and similar primitive style colors, but I know there is no such thing as a bad color as long as it’s cut small enough! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  88. Great designs! I especially love the tulip one. I love most colours although I tend towards cooler blues / greens. The only colours I really don’t like are browns and muddy colours.

  89. I don’t like working with orange or muted tones unless it’s a fall themed project.

  90. I don’t much like working with white and pastels, it feels like I’ll get them dirty before the quilt even comes together.

  91. I like bright colors but have a hard time matching different hues of the same color. Thanks for the entry!

  92. Once in an art class we each had to identify a set number of “pretty” colors and a set number of “ugly” colors. We then had to create a design with each set. Without exception the “ugly” color palettes were more successful. I can no longer think of any color as difficult or ugly!

  93. I do love Kona colors! I don’t think I have trouble with any in particular, but I don’t quilt enough to know!! I adore the color combo you’ve done above with the grey, green and blue!

  94. I have a hard time with oranges and the darker yellows, although I am gradually edging into coral. Love your stories! How about a semi aquatic flower next? :-)

    • There are a couple of aquatic ones in the mix! I forget whether they’ll show up this Friday or the Friday after, but they’re in there. :)

  95. Brown does not work for me. I don’t like muddy colors in general. Rainbows are more my speed!

  96. I am not a fan of yellow and orange is another colour I don’t really like but if they are in a collection that I like the overall look then I am happy to use them in a quilt project.

  97. Hi Anne! I like most colors, but Easter-y pastels I find too blah. When I do use lighter/softer colors, I tend to add contrast, usually in the form of gray or black, to give them some balance. I am not overly fond of crayon primaries either. I like some interest in my colors. That being said, I don’t focus too much on whether or not I like a particular color when choosing fabrics for a project. I tend to see what works, and go from there.

    Your tire tread pattern looks like fish skeletons to me. I’m sure the color palette influenced my impression. I like it!

  98. I’m not a fan of purple. It’s not that I don’t like it … it doesn’t like me. Every time I sew with it, something goes wrong, it’s jinxed I tell you!

  99. I haven’t found I don’t like working with any particular color, what I have found that I am more drawn to bold rather than bland colors…

  100. Congratulations on your 6 months. I must say that their isn’t a color that I don’t like or wouldn’t use , I just love all colors.

  101. Congratulations! Its hard to choose what I dont like, but very green is not my favourite.

  102. Congrats! I think I like all colors!

  103. I am always drawn to teals and yellows and greys!

  104. I have found that I have a hard time with browns, reds, and rusts. I have very few of these in my stash, oh, and orange too! too funny! I find wearing these colours is easier as I have aged but to sew with them…..

  105. I like all colors but maybe not all combinations! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Haven’t ever used much green; I’ve pulled out some greens to see if they would go with what I’m working with but I’ve never chosen them because I don’t like them! :)

  107. Blue is a color that I have trouble with.

  108. I love watching your Quilt Design A Day. So far, I haven’t found a color I’ve had trouble with but I’m fairly new so I suppose one is bound to surface. Thanks for QDAD and the chance to win!

  109. Congrats n 6 months! I love all colors but if I had to pick it would be purple for some reason

  110. I love all colors but you would have to pick them to coordinate, that I can’t do. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on six months!

  111. I enjoy seeing what you come up with each time you post. Can’t believe it’s been 6 months. I like most all colors but greens and coral/oranges are at the top.

  112. I love looking at the designs, can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. A software tutorial like you mentioned in the interview would be great, too!

    I love to wear bright pinks but am hesitant to work with that color — not sure why, though. :p

  113. I love to work with pinks red and turquoise. I have a hard time with yellows

  114. I like odd shades of green like avocado, lime mixed with aqua, red, orange.

  115. I really like the idea of a 6-color palette! That seems like just the right number. I don’t like dull colors much lately, but any pure hue will make me happy!

  116. I have trouble with orange. I have used it some, but it’s not really my color of choice.

  117. I have trouble with yellow. I only have a few pieces in my stash. Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. Thanks for the giveaway! I used to stay away from yellow, orange and brown. I now embrace yellow and am on friendly terms with orange, but brown (unless it is a tree) is still a stranger.

  119. I love basically any color of Kona. I would love you to choose! Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. I have a hard time working with orange and any other color that might go with it. I like orange but just not sure how much to use of it sometimes.

  121. i think i have the hardest time with blues. i love seeing your qdads. they are inspiring.

  122. I love seeing all your design a day designs! I am coming to the realization that my favorite color is rainbow. :) Put some black in the back and just load it up with brights! I find pastels hardest to work with. They don’t speak to me very well.

  123. I think the hardest shades are muddy or pastel colors. I like to try any and every color.

  124. Aren’t our brains funny? Everyone loves (or can do without) different things. I don’t really care for working with fall colors, for some reason.

  125. I am totally addicted to blue, and I have a hard time with browns.

  126. I don’t know if there is any one color I don’t like. I love sewing with yellows and blues.

  127. I love blues and reds. Would love expanding my repertoire too!

  128. I love working with all Kona Fabrics! I guess my favorites are the mainstays red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink.

  129. I don’t like working with rainbows… I feel like I kill them and they never look good LOL!

  130. I have difficulty with peachy, beige colors, pastels and rusts. I prefer bright fruit colors, intense jewel tones, whites and grays. I’ve quite enjoyed these 6 months. Thanks! Notwendy gmail

  131. Congrats! I have a hard time with yellow. But oranges and purples I love!

  132. I have a hard time with red and black.

  133. loving the colors. My daughter says I’m too “matchy matchy”! I am working at trying different combinations.

  134. Not vet fond of green or pink but like most other colours – purple favourite at the moment

  135. I love rainbow palettes, and sea glass tones of blue and green, and purple is my daughter’s favorite…very hard to choose just one, but orange is under-appreciated. I have made two completely orange quilts in my quilting life.

  136. I love them all, or perhaps I’m oblivious of my color rejects.

I love comments, and respond to each one!