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Quilt Design A Day

A couple weeks ago, I was working on some quilt designs for a commission, and I realized that I was really enjoying it.

Self: “I should do more of this!”
Self: “Not a bad idea.”
Self: “Maybe I’ll do it EVERY DAY!”
Self: “That’s a bit excessive…”
Self: “…ly AWESOME!”

2-18 – color view – Inspired by the window frame and the half-colored wall.

Have I mentioned my impulsive nature yet? So bolstered by my little self-chat, I decided to make some rules. These are pulled out of nowhere and are just there to give some structure and help ease the empty page syndrome.

2-19 – artichoke tones – inspired by the spikiness of artichoke leaves

Every day I choose one of the two new design-seeds photos. I design a quilt somehow inspired by the photo and I use the palette for the colors. This forces me to use colors I wouldn’t necessarily choose and gives me a starting point for the design. I generally spend 15-30 minutes on the design, and consider it a sketch, so I don’t worry about perfection. The design-seed inspiration for a particular design is linked in the photo caption.

2-20 – flora brights – I liked the way the red poppies looked against the field of blues and greens.

I’ve been doing this for about a week and a half now, and some days I’m frustrated and hate what I make and other days I love my creations. Overall? So. Much. Fun. (Take thatΒ self.)Β 

2-21 – color rise – Left – inspired by the way things get flat and small near the horizon an the reflections. Right – inspired by the rocks and again the reflections.

Sometimes I’m inspired to do both palettes or more than one design. I try to keep the pressure off and do what I feel like.

2-22 – whisked tones – A few variations on the theme. Playing with the idea of things getting mixed together and of course the egg yolk.

Even better, a few people have started joining me. We have a Facebook group, or you can tag your designs on instagram with #qdad. Join in if you like, for as long as you like! Most people don’t participate every day, it’s a no pressure kinda thing.

ginko leaves
2-23 – leafed brights – left: inspired by the shape of the ginko leaves. right: inspired by the veins in the leaves.

I was considering turning some of my designs into patterns if there’s interest. Are there any that you’d like to see a pattern for?

2-24 – stacked tones – I really liked the stripes on the towel and the shape of the bowls reminded me of a paper boat.

I plan to post my week of designs here every Friday. I figure I’ll keep going until it’s not fun anymore.


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