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Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Featured, Finishes | 18 comments

Secret Sewing

Secret Sewing

I know, I know, I’m really leaving for my trip, but I had to sneak in this post because Heather Ross has just announced the re-release of Far Far Away in quilting cottons, coming in July.


Which means I can also tell you about a little secret sewing I did last month! Heather sent me some fabric and a hand-drawn plan of what she wanted, and I got to work creating the blue nap/play mat shown in the photos above. (Also could Heather’s daughter be any cuter??)


The embroidered details are my favorite, but there are other fun touches like one of the stacks of mattresses is actually a pocket – sized to fit a favorite doll or stuffie. (I sized it on the sample to fit an American Girl doll.)


The whole thing folds up into thirds and can be tied using the built-in ties. It was a super fun project, and I learned quite a lot doing it. And I’m glad that I can finally share it with you!

For more information on the fabric release and the collector’s edition which includes a pattern for the mat, check out Heather’s post!

(None of these photos are mine, but they’re all used with permission from Heather Ross.)


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  1. YOU get to have TOOOOOOO much fun!

    • Hahaha thank you! It was a lot of fun, although there were some moments of panic as well since many of the things I was doing with this I’d never done before and I was sort of just winging it. :)

  2. You did a great job with it – I love the colors and design!

    • Thanks Christa! 😀 Heather did most of the design — I worked from a sketch she had made for it. But it was fun making it come to life!

    • Thank you! 😀 It uses upholstery foam and batting in the center so it was actually pretty comfy when it was done. :)

  3. The pocket is brilliant! Wonderful making on your part, and I like how she credited you!!

    • Thanks Kelly! <3 It was really fun to put together (and a tad terrifying because for much of it I was wayyyy out of my element!)

  4. ps: hope you have a wonderful trip!

    • Thank you!! I did. 😀

  5. Oh it’s awesome! Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

    • Thanks so much Jess! It was a fun project, if a tad stressful. 😉 I’m glad it ended up coming together at the end because for much of it I was really unsure if I was doing things the right way!

  6. Yay for you to be tapped for such a special assignment! Hope you come back from your “work” cruise, refreshed and ready to sew.

    • Thanks so much Linda! 😀 Like most conferences (even those on a ship) I end up getting way too little sleep and almost always get some sort of illness by the end of it, and this is no different. But getting away from the internet/cell phone was actually REALLY good for me. I do feel really re-motivated now. :)

  7. How cute and wwhat a great idea! Have a great vacation!

    • Thanks Jayne! The design is pretty much all Heather, I worked from a sketch she provided. But it was really fun to bring it to life! :) And thanks for the vacation wishes, it was a really fun time!

  8. Oh that’ll be wonderful. I do like quilting cottons and have the perfect young lady in mind for the re-release. That mat looks fun!

    • I’m pretty excited about the re-release myself! I pretty much need the unicorns and frogs in all the color ways! :)

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