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Weekend Sewing – QuiltCon Prep Edition

I remember when Sewing Summit was coming around, all the blogs started revolving around it, and it made me a bit bummed because I didn’t get to go. I apologize for those of you not going to QuiltCon, but I see why the blog-o-verse starts getting a bit obsessed. I leave for QuiltCon on Wednesday and I am not even remotely ready!


Because I’m losing a week in an already short month, I’m trying to get my obligation sewing done. First up is bee blocks for the Friends + Fabric Bee. This month, Linda Beth asked for appliquéd circles (wonky or not, I went wonky) in dusty colors on tan/beige/cream solid or near solids. I’d never appliquéd before (well, not true, I did reverse appliqué once) so it was a lot of fun to learn this skill!


My skills at ironing over the edges of the circle so there are no points could probably be improved, but overall I ended up having a lot of fun with this one! (Or perhaps it was just the joy of being back at my machine! :D)

The next round for handstitched class also needs to get done, although it’s a lot faster than the last. The next round involves patchwork squares with storm at sea blocks in the corner. The storm at sea blocks in the corners can be paper pieced by machine or hand. I’m opting for machine given my lack of time and the fact that I’ve done quite a bit of EPP at this point, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on learning something new. 🙂


I’m auditioning fabrics for the patchwork. The greys are out, and I think I’m leaning towards the dark blues, but I am letting it sit for a bit.

After that’s done, then comes the actual QuiltCon prep. I’d really like to make a name badge/business card holder like this, and I’m going to the Skill Builder meet up on Friday where they are doing a pincushion swap. So I should probably make a pincushion for that!

Then if there’s time (ha ha!) I’m hoping to do a quick tote bag using some orphan blocks so that I have a cute bag for carrying my stuff.


Finally, there’s that whole day job thing, and I’ve been pushing a lot on Palette Builder v2.0. I’ve added some features to make it so you get a lot more control over the colors you get, and this week I got it set up so you can one-click share your photos to flickr!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m off to get some stuff done!


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