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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Featured | 60 comments

Weekend Wrapup

Weekend Wrapup

So… this weekend was fairly exciting!


First up, Quilt Design A Day was featured on Sew Mama Sew, with four interviews of various participants, including me! It was so fun to have a chance to talk about QDAD and the community that’s grown around it. You can find the four interviews here:
Amy @ badskirt
Michelle @ Factotum of Arts
Stacey @ Stacey In Stitches


Then on a more personal note, Eli and I got engaged on Friday! :D We’ve been together for 8 years, and based on the reactions of my family, they’d long given up on us actually getting married.


I gotta keep them on their toes, though! (And for the record, it was me dragging my heels, not Eli!)


I guess I should start thinking about wedding stuff now, huh?


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  1. Congratulations! I loved your interview on SewMamaSew and look forward to hearing how you go about planning your wedding…so exciting!

    • Thank you so much! I’m not sure how much I’ll post to the blog about wedding details because I’d hate to bore people, but I’m sure quilts will end up as part of the ceremony somehow. And that’s fair game for the blog, right?! :D

    • Thank you! ^_^ I thought I’d just…sneak that in there. lol I kinda want to make a wedding quilt. That’s normal, right??

  2. Congratulations Ann, you’d better start thinking of marriage stuff now!

    • Thank you so much! :D We’re thinking, we’re thinking! We’re settling in on a date range, and trying to narrow in on a venue. I know those two things need to get figured out ASAP!

  3. Hey Anne, that’s a very pretty ring!

    Alex and I will have been together 11 years in Sept, and we’re getting married that month after getting engaged last October. Not that anyone is invited, we’re going to the Canadian Rockies, just the two of us. We found most people thought we were already married, or actually didn’t think it was that exciting as we’ve got a house together and stuff already. Suits us absolutely fine, I’d actually previously said to his sister just a month or so before I wasn’t bothered about getting married, but it would have been mean to turn him down just so I wasn’t a hypocrite!

    From previous posts our lives are very similar in many ways….

    Whatever you plan, I hope it will be a great day for you both, and more importantly that life continues that way long after the wedding day itself. Congratulations!

    • Thanks so much!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! :D Going to the Rockies sounds like an amazing place to get married! I think we’re going to do something fairly small and have a similar issue where people just assumed we were married already. :) Same thing, we own a house together and have our family (of the furry variety). It does sound like we are very similar!
      If you want to share, I’d love to hear about wedding details. :) I don’t really know what I’m doing here planning wise. lol
      I do know that I hope my wedding isn’t ACTUALLY the happiest day of my life. I’d like to think I have a lot of happy days to look forward to!

  4. Glad you decided to stop dragging your heals. I’m sure your wedding celebration will be amazing. Congrats!

    • LOL Thanks Karen! I’m not sure if it will be amazing, but I’m fairly certain it will be unique. ^_^

  5. Congratulations and best wishes. Nothing like the smiles of the newly-engaged.

    • Thank you so much! :D It was hard not to keep grinning! Although part of that was because Eli had to press the “take a photo button” and he didn’t know where that button was and we were cracking up about it.

    • Thank you so much, Janet! :D

    • ^_^ Thanks so much Charlotte!! How insane would it be to make my own dress?

  6. Congratulations!

    • Thank you, Pat! :D

    • Thanks so much, Susan! ^_^

  7. Congratulations! That’s a very pretty ring. Organising a wedding is very exciting and totally exhausting. Enjoy every minute. Btw – you mentioned daily challenges for beginners in qdad Who are struggling to learn new software. I would.definitely be up for that. Trying to get my head round inkscape has stopped me joining in so far

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! :D I’m going to try to enjoy the organizing thing and try not to freak out when things don’t go the way I want them to as I know they will. :)

      We actually have a series of daily challenges up now, and you’re more than welcome to join! I need to do a pinned post with links to everything to make it easier to find stuff. Oh Facebook, you are not the most user friendly of places!

  8. Congratulations Anne!!! You make a great looking couple :) Prayers for many happy years together!!

    • Awww, thank you, Amanda! :D Part of the reason we want to get married is that neither of us can remember when we started dating, so we figure this will give us a way to actually celebrate our anniversary. lol

  9. congrats, definitely a weekend to remember, and you got engaged too lololol

    • HAHAhahaha thanks Barbe! Yes, the SMS interview is definitely one for the scrapbook. ;)

  10. Congrats! Love love love love love the ring.

    • Thank you Sarah! :D I am rather fond of the ring, myself! It’s from Wexford Jewelers. They had to make it after we ordered it, so we had to wait 4-6 weeks which was a bit of torture! But it finally came on Friday. ^_^

  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    I don’t think it matters how long you’ve been together (or what anyone else thinks about it), it’s just as exciting and momentous! Congrats!

    • Thanks so much, Erin!! :D I’m actually kind of surprised that it /has/ changed our relationship a bit. Not a ton, obviously, but it’s been noticeable. I assume actually getting married will be the same. :)

  12. Congrats Anne! I wanted to go to the Elvis Chapel of Love in Vegas but was thwarted but the groom. (My mom likes him better than she likes me now.) Maybe you could go?

    • HAhahaha the first question my dad asked is whether we were going to Vegas! At the moment I don’t think we’ll do that, but depending on the cost of everything, it may just happen. LOL

  13. Congratulations – I love your ring !!

    • Thank you!! I am pretty fond of my ring, too. ^_^ It’s from Wexford Jewelers, and we ordered it online. :) Which was a little scary but meant we didn’t have to deal with annoying salesmen. ;)

    • Thank you!! And congratulations on your own interview. ^_^ It was an exciting weekend around QDAD!

  14. Congrats! It’s time to start up WPAD (wedding plan a day).

    • OMG That made me crack up. LOL Today’s WPAD theme: fish. Go design!

  15. Yay, congratulations on getting engaged! Those are some really sweet photos of you two. I was really excited to see QDAD on Sew Mama Sew too. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Cari. ^_^ It was definitely a fun weekend! Soooo when are you going to come join us on QDAD? :) There are a couple of people who use programs to make their designs, it’s totally fair game. :) It’d be awesome to have you if you have the time!

  16. Congrats on your engagement and what a very pretty and unique ring! Enjoy the moment, and don’t get too stressed out about wedding planning! I’m in the weeds with that , trust me it will sneak up on you! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much, Juliet! It took me FOREVER to pick out a ring. (Seriously, we’ve been talking about it since Thanksgiving and I just now found one I liked.) Hopefully the other details will go a bit more smoothly? But I figure a ring I gotta live with for a lot longer than the wedding stuff! lol
      Congratulations on your own upcoming nuptials! How’s your wedding planning going? I’d love to hear details if you want to share. :D

  17. Thanks for sharing the good news! I’m sure you two will be very happy. Please share all the wedding planning details with us!

    • Thanks so much! :D I’m sure we will keep each other entertained, even if we’re not always happy. :) We are pretty good at making each other laugh. I’m not sure how much wedding details I will inflict on my poor blog readers. But I’m sure quilts will be involved somehow, and that’s TOTALLY fair game, I figure. :D

  18. Congratulations! There is something to be said about taking your time! Sucha a beautiful ring too!
    And congrats on the interview!

    • Thank you so much, Jayne!! It was definitely an exciting weekend. ^_^ I spent forever picking a ring, but once I found it I knew it was the one I wanted! :D

  19. Congrats Anne! Now you going to get the baby questions :) Poor thing!

    • HAHAhaha I’ve been getting the baby questions for a few years. At some point, family just gives up on the marrying and moves on to the babies. ;)

  20. Best Wishes to you!

    • Thank you Kelly! :D You’re gonna have to teach me all your tricks about dictionaries and sports events so I can have as good of a marriage as you do. ^_^

  21. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • HEEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3
      Does this mean I need to finish my double wedding diamond ring quilt?!?

  22. Congratulations! Beautiful ring too! All the best to you and your fiance!

    • Eee thanks so much, Ruth! :D Fiance still sounds TOTALLY strange. We’d just gotten used to the upgrade from boyfriend to partner (it felt silly to call him my boyfriend after we’d been together for so long.)

  23. Congratulations x 2! That is such a pretty ring, I am thinking it must be an original design.

    • Thank you so much, Leanne! :D I found a jeweler that has an in-house artist who makes designs I’m very fond of. So while it’s not exactly an original (someone else could feasibly get the same ring), it’s still pretty unique. :)

  24. Congrats! That’s awesome news :)

    • Thanks so much! :D It’s not every day you end up getting interviewed, right? ;)
      The wedding stuff turns out to be a little bit stressful! WHO KNEW?? No one has ever mentioned that. :)

  25. Gorgeous photo of the three of you! Congratulations again on the engagement.

    • Thank you so much! :D After assuming I wouldn’t get married for so long, it’s really weird to switch gears and think about this stuff. :)

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