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WIP Wednesday

I had a rare day this weekend where I spent the entire day sewing! It means that I got quite a bit accomplished. Of course, it means that the house is a bit more disastrous than usual, especially the kitchen table where I sew, but let’s not dwell. 🙂


Laptop Sleeves – I got a new laptop for work which of COURSE means that I needed to make a new laptop cover, and quickly! I used Oh Fransson!‘s laptop sleeve tutorial, and made a few minor adjustments to the measurements to her formula so it fit better. I ended up making two because I wanted to try out the pattern before cutting into my more expensive fabric. Even with that, I ended up making a bunch of mistakes on the second version that I didn’t make on the first, of course!

The first one went super fast, and I got to use some fabric that I love but I could never find a use for. The interior uses navy flannel. For the second one, I used some Japanese imported linen called Euro Map. I love text fabric and maps and the colors are awesome! So I measured super carefully and cut all my fabric and fusible fleece. And then when I went to iron on the fleece…

1″ too short

…I had looked at the wrong measurement and cut my precious fabric 1″ too short. Uggghhhhh. I didn’t have enough to cut new pieces, and I didn’t really want to go buy more because I’d used a 15% off coupon to get the price down. So I moped a bit and ruminated, and then decided I would add a contrast stripe. I have an unabashed love for Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow line (especially the herringbone), so I went there first, and was excited when it worked quite well.  In the end, I think I like it better with the stripe than I would have without it, and it fits my laptop perfectly!

Dice bags – Umm, so yeah, more dice bags. A couple friends of mine requested them! I’m still using the lined drawstring bag by In Color Order. This latest one is for a friend of mine who is an author/artist/game designer/storyteller and I made a bag that tried to encapsulate all of that. I love Violet Craft’s Madrona Road so much, and it seemed like the perfect use! The outer fabric is from the Downtown line by P&B Textiles, and the red is Poppy, one of the new Konas.

The strands around the cord is called a whipping knot which I made with embroidery floss, and I feel like a boyscout every time I make it. It helps keep the cord from unravelling and provides a way to add more color, which I always love.

In Progress

3×6 blocks – I’m in a paper piecing hive for this quarter of 3×6. After regaining energy after my last paper piecing failure, I tried a different pattern, “Snow Cristal” by Shape Moth. I finished my tester pattern and I am really pleased with how it came out! I can’t wait to see how it looks with the other colors in my group.

Just the colored hexagon is pieced, and it made me wonder how it would look as an entire quilt, especially if there was the thin white strips around each hexagon. Should I ever feel like sewing myself into paper-piecing oblivion, I will definitely try it out!

Just the hex, ma’am.


No Progress

Wedding Quilt for April – 1/4 of the pieces are cut out.
Dissertation Quilt – 3 of 30 blocks done.
Nyan Cat Quilt – still in planning stage.
Not Your Granny’s Bee blocks – white done, snow and charcoal to go.

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