WIP Wednesday and October Wrap-up 34

Wow, how is it already partway through November?? Where did October go?! I need to start getting serious about my Christmas presents.

Pretty much everything I got done this week, I got done at our guild retreat (see my post on Monday for more info about our awesome retreat!). I’m still going through a bit of a withdrawal. I’m ready for my next retreat!

In Progress:

Mod Pop: The top is done!! This was my major accomplishment at the retreat, and I am so happy about it. 😀 This is the biggest thing I’ve made so far (I’ve only done wall hangings and baby quilts before) and I admit I’m a little terrified of quilting this sucker, even though it’s just a twin.

My subconscious made sure to include a “humility block.” One of the corner curves is pointed the wrong way, but I actually have grown to like it. 🙂 I need to figure out what to do with the back. I’m thinking of doing one reverse chain on a navy background, but we’ll see what I end up having energy for. 😉

Sew Sew Modern: I was able to work on the crane star block, and get a much better crane this time. I used some Mendocino for the crane, and I really love the way it came out. I’m excited to do the other cranes now, and see how the finished block comes together.

Things I wanted to try this year: I had two things left on my list of things I wanted to try this year. Free-motion quilting and sewing a garment. At the retreat, I asked one of my guildmates if she would be willing to walk me through FMQ. Once we figured out the proper setting on my machine (turns out the presser foot lever has a special hidden setting!) I was able to give it a shot! It was a lot of fun, actually, although I think I would enjoy it more if I had one of those extender table thingies so I could keep my hands further apart.

Travel Pic Stitch Blog Hop: I finished a couple more red hexies while I was at the retreat, when I was showing my guildie how to do EPP. However, it wasn’t enough new ones, nor do I know what I’m doing with them, so it didn’t feel like it warranted an image.

New Projects

Low volume rainbow wonky log cabin: Wow, how many buzz words can I fit into one project? I don’t know where this project is heading, other than a quilt top of some size (probably throw?) that came to me while I was trying to nap during the retreat. I am loving putting this together and enjoying the wonky/improv nature of it. And yay, pops of rainbow color!

No Progress

April & Kerry’s wedding quilt: I think it’s probably time for me to talk to them about maybe modifying the design to something that inspires me so that it might actually get done.
Dissertation quilt: Preempted by the Low Volume Rainbow Wonky Log Cabin quilt.
Christmas quilt: Okay, I actually cut out the pieces I needed for this, but nothing new got sewn.
Nyan cat: Took a break from this one after the disappointing seam. Think I will push on and do the bottom row and maybe redo the seam after.
NuBees quilt: Pulled out the fabric to make the back and found out I was very, very short. Oops. Quilt math.


October wrap-up

Here’s the look back at what I completed last month. The early half of the month was taken up with bee blocks, and things sort of slowed down after that as I tackled larger projects, but still quite a bit of progress!

1. mod pop, 2 rows down, 2. Middle row done of nyan cat quilt, 3. for pemiddleton,
4. epp hexies!, 5. 3×6 hexes done, 6. anne side


Linking up to the WIP Wednesday link party at Freshly Pieced, guest hosted by Svetlana!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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34 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday and October Wrap-up

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much! When I first noticed the rotated block, there was maybe a little bit of cursing, but now it has totally grown on me and I like the little bit of character it adds. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much! I feel like I did more in October, but moving from bee blocks to quilt tops does make the number of finished projects go down, even if I was being just as productive! 🙂

  • Lynette

    Yes! Really love your Mod Pop, and that crane is super neat. So are the low-volume log cabins. That’ll be very, very pretty in a free-styling understated way. And yep – an extender table for your machine really makes it nice for free-motion work. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much! I finally feel like my abilities are catching up with my creative vision, although there’s still a gap there. 😉 I definitely need to get one of those extender tables! I wonder if they even make one for my machine…

  • Dee

    Well, that’s quite a lot of quiltey goodness you got there!

    Your Mod Pop is just stunning! Great job and best wishes quilting it. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it! It’s amazing!

    • anne Post author

      Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m a bit terrified about quilting the mod pop. I haven’t had any inspiration for the quilting aspect yet, but I guess I’ll face that particular challenge when I get there! 😉

    • anne Post author

      Thank you!! I’ve been really drawn to navy over the last few months. I was originally going to do the background in creams and tans (which I also think would be quite pretty) but went with grey because navy & grey is the favorite colors of the intended recipient. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you!! It’s interesting how different the quilt looks close up versus far away, but in the end I really enjoy the effect. (In the middle I was nervous about it, but I’m glad I stuck with it!)

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much!! I’m really excited about the low volume log cabin, although it’s hard to feel okay working on it since Christmas season is rapidly approaching!

    • anne Post author

      I really appreciate your kind words! It’s funny how that little rotated block has grown on me. 🙂 The log cabins are super fun and easy to make! Of course it’s making me want to get more neutrals. I’m sure I’d use them, right?!

    • anne Post author

      Thanks for guest hosting the WIP link party this week! 😀 And thank you for the compliments! The mod pop feels really good to have finished. Well, top finished. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thanks so much! I’ve been loving navy for a while, and have really had fun working with it. 🙂 And now that my navy stash has gotten dented, that means I can get more navy fabric, right?! 🙂
      The low volume log cabins are so fun. It’s great to be able to turn off my brain and just go with my gut. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you! I can’t wait to make more progress on the crane star block, I think it’s going to look really neat when it’s all done. I have a slight (read: huge) addiction to text prints, so have been loving the chance to use them! 🙂

    • anne Post author

      It was great meeting you as well! I wish I would have had a chance to chat more. I just ended up getting lost in my projects, but I loved your batwing blocks and your converging corners quilt! I’m so pleased you liked the mod pop quilt! I’ve been looking at it for so long, it’s lost a bit of it’s luster, so it’s really encouraging to hear all the compliments. 🙂

  • made by ChrissieD

    Wanted to leave a comment telling you just how “WOW” I think your mod pop is and then I saw that everyone else has said the same. Still it doesn’t change how much I love it, it really does deserve all these WOWs 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you so much!! At about halfway through the mod pop, I kind of lost faith in it, and it was a bit difficult to finish it. So having all the compliments has been really encouraging, and now that I’ve had a bit of space from it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

    • anne Post author

      Thank you! I have the Grand Idea version for the back which I probably won’t be able to face, so hopefully I can think of something that works with that without being quite as overwhelming, but I definitely want there to be a reverse chain!