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2014 and 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I always enjoy taking a few moments at the beginning of a new year and reflecting on what has been and what will hopefully be.


So last year I made a lot of things, but it turns out I didn’t finish a whole lot. Which initially concerned me because my WIP pile is scary, but I’ve become OK with. I spent a lot of 2014 figuring out what my style is. I have a much better handle on that now, so hopefully there will be fewer things that I make and discard because I don’t like it anymore. You’ll see I snuck in one last finish into the mosaic which I haven’t covered on the blog. I’ll post about it in the next few days.


I can’t post about 2014 and not mention the Quilt Design A Day facebook group. Back in February of last year, I decided to challenge myself to make a quilt design a day, and a couple friends decided to join in. We’re now at 620+ members and I counted up that I made 407 designs in 2014. Wow. Above is a small sampling: one a month, and two from November to make it an even number for the mosaic maker.

2014 was a big year of growth for me. I’m not sure how this started exactly, but I decided early on that if an opportunity scared me, I would say yes to it, because being scared was a sign I cared and not a good reason to avoid something. This led to a ton of wonderful opportunities – and I won’t lie – a lot of stress because being scared is hard. But by the end of the year, I found it had gotten easier, and fewer things scare me now. Which kinda blows my mind given how much of my life I’ve fought with anxiety.

Just to sum up some of the highlights, I published two patterns with Camelot Fabrics, started the QDAD group, was a guest speaker on a podcast, had a paper-piecing pattern published in Fresh Quilts magazine, gave a color theory talk to another guild, gave a webinar, had a quilt shown in a museum, got a quilt into QuiltCon, got engaged, and signed a book deal with Interweave.


With all that going on, maybe it’s no surprise that my word of the year is FOCUS. It’s come to my attention that I have a finite amount of time in the day (which seems totally unfair), and I want to be able to enjoy all these wonderful things going on instead of feeling like I’m sprinting between them.

So hopefully this will all lead to finishing more things this year, and enjoying the process more. I spent a lot of my break thinking about what types of quilts I want to make, and I’m pretty excited about it. It does require me finally really putting in time with free-motion quilting, but instead of being scared of it, I’m looking forward to it. That’s definitely a nice change!

What word or goals did you set for yourself in 2015?


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