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31 Quilts in 31 Days


The South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild had our monthly meeting this week in which our charity quilts were due. We had a goal of making 31 quilts in 31 days for a local charity called Jacob’s Heart. They support children with cancer and their families. There are currently 31 children in Santa Cruz county being supported by Jacob’s Heart, and we had 31 days to beat our deadline so we could get them to the charity in time for an event they are having tomorrow.

Throughout the month, people would update our guild’s flickr group with where they were, but the running total was just a rough estimate, so up until the meeting, we weren’t quite sure if we’d made our goal.

I’m happy to say that not only did our guild meet our goal, but we surpassed it, and we have 36 total quilts that we are donating to Jacob’s Heart! I am so proud to have been a part of such an amazing thing! The extra quilts will be raffled or auctioned off, and the proceeds will go towards Jacob’s Heart.


To give you an idea of what an incredible accomplishment it was, here is a picture of the guild with many of the quilts. There were actually more quilts made than people to hold them up!


Everyone showed their quilts during sew & tell, and the stories were touching and endearing. Two of the members had their children ask to be a part of it, and they helped design quilts as well. After each person showed their quilts, they were folded up and placed in a rather impressive pile!

It was such an incredible start for our charity group, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together next!


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