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A Lovely Year of Finishes – June Goal

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I’ve been debating what my June goal should be, but given how fast this month is going to go, I think I need to make my goal to take this fabric:



and turn it into a finished quilt for a charity event on June 30th.

I’ve been debating what pattern to use, and because it’ll be for auction/raffle, I want it to be something striking. I’ve considered all of these:


1. Drunkards Path Sofa Seat Quilt, 2. Steam Punk, 3. FINAL finished quilt, 4. x&+ quilt

But right now, at least, I’m leaning towards doing something like this:

Jumbo Star Quilt by From the Blue Chair

I’ve never made a quilt for auction before. Anyone have opinions on what design would be best? Or something to consider not listed here?


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