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Aimless Creations

I’ve been working my way towards having fewer sewing commitments, to give myself more creative freedom.Β Talk about being careful what you ask for!

I’m in no swaps, and only one bee (two blocks a month), and I haven’t finalized my Christmas list yet, so I don’t know what I’m making for who. And I’ve got nothing, guys. I haven’t been posting — not because I’ve got secrets brewing — but because I’ve done nothing.

It’s not for a lack of ideas, it just seems that if I have no outward motivation to make it, it doesn’t get made. I’m very goal-driven, and my friend Danielle told me that being creative can be a goal unto itself. I’m having issues internalizing that, apparently.

Do any of you face this kind of thing? How did you get past it?


Today I forced myself to get off the computer and pull some fabric stacks. I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to play with navy (still a favorite) and punchy colors, and I came up with this stack. I’m not really feeling it yet, but I’ll keep it in mind when I’m perusing future designs. I think it needs a calm color to contrast and pull it all together.


A couple days ago, Adrianne posted this photo (I swear she takes the most beautiful photos with her iPhone!) and I had to create a palette with it. She created a palette as well, and I love how different they are.


I pulled fabrics for this as well today, and I’m much happier with this stack. I think it’d be great for a autumn project. Not sure what project that is yet, though.


And finally, I’ve been playing around with some designs. I want to try making this but have too many design questions still to even start. For starters, solids or prints? Rainbow or limited palette? Wall hanging or lap quilt?

I think I’m better at (or at least enjoy more) figuring out what other people want than I am at figuring out what I want. Troublesome.


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