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Around the World Blog Hop

Welcome to Santa Cruz, California on this stop of the Around the World Blog Hop! I was tagged by Kitty @ The Night Quilter. The idea is to answer a few questions about your creative process and then tag three people to do the same. I sort of changed the rules to be “up to three” people because I’m a rebel (and also feel anxious about tagging people).

Kitty and I started chatting because she emailed me about the Palette Builder a couple of times. She uses it every week to post a series of beautiful photos and palettes. She also has started a series on fabric and wine pairings, which you have to admit is pretty brilliant!

On to the questions…
1. What am I working on? 

Well, funny you should ask. I just signed a contract so I’m now allowed to announce that I’m writing a book! 🙂 (Like how I just snuck that in there?) I can’t say what it’s about yet, but it’s with Interweave and I am super excited about it. Yeah that means I’ll continue to be a little quiet (turns out writing a book proposal takes a lot of work. Who knew? I’m sure the actual book writing process will just be smooth sailing of course. 😉 ) but I plan to work on other projects along the way so I won’t be totally absent from the blog.


Quilt wise, I have two projects in the works. I just took Latifah Saafir’s Glam Clam workshop last Friday, and everything is cut out and just needs to be sewn together.


I managed to finish sewing the first few rows together at the workshop, and hope to make some progress on it in the next month. Heavens knows if I wait too long, the pieces will end up getting lost. This quilt is made up from almost the entirety of my black and white stash. I believe there are almost 50 prints in there.


Additionally, I have a long-term crazy project in the form of a pixel quilt. In the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) group, we did a medallion week where we started with a center and added a new border every day. I designed a pixel quilt inspired by retro games, and I really want to make it a reality.

Then of course there’s that pile of quilt tops that I should REALLY make into actual quilts. That’s getting a little ridiculous.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 


I’m not sure it really does? I guess I sometimes add electronics to mine. Well, by “sometimes” I mean “once” and “hope to do again in the future.”


Lately I have moved a lot more towards solids/crossweave designs, which is probably due to a strong QDAD influence in my work. Most of our designs are drafted up using solids, and so after 7 months of daily designs in solids, I’ve definitely become more attracted to those designs. Go figure!


I’m also really drawn to the use of color and how you can use it to highlight different elements within a pattern. For instance this economy block design where the color draws the attention to the diamonds created between the blocks instead of the typical economy block design.

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 


I’m pretty goal driven, so it’s actually hard for me to create things “just because.” This means that many of my finishes are made because I need it made for a swap, event, charity, gift, or what not. The fact that I have so many quilt tops and unfinished projects around is because those quilts were made to try out a design idea, but had no real completion goal. So once I saw whether the design idea worked or not, I ran out of motivation to actually finish them.

I’ve tried a ton of different creative/artistic pursuits, and I think quilting has stuck the most because while I’m making something pretty, I’m also making something utilitarian. So it helps with that whole goal-driven thing.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?


I find I’m happiest if I do something creative every day. This often ends up being design work with QDAD or something related (I love the design part the best! I can play in Illustrator for hours.) Then most of my sewing is done on the weekends. Sometimes I have a bit of time in the evenings, but not lately. I do much better if I schedule out my time (e.g. “tonight I will finish 10 blocks” (see previous note about being goal-oriented)), but if I don’t plan it, it doesn’t get done until the weekend.

Finally, tag [up to] three people:

I’m tagging two people.

The first is Amy @ badskirt. I’ve loved her work and blog for a long time, and met her when she visited Santa Cruz a couple of years ago. She was introduced as just Amy, so I didn’t know she was THAT Amy until afterwards, and I was kind of bummed out because I had just read a post on her quilting predictions for the year that I really wanted to chat with her about. Even though I missed that opportunity, we became Facebook friends, and Amy was one of the first people to join QDAD. We have chatted quite a lot since then! I am very inspired by her design aesthetic, and although we may debate designs frequently, I’ve found that we have quite a lot in common.

The second is Sarah @ {no} hats in the house. I’m a total fangirl of Sarah’s work (to the point where I drove 7 hours one way to go to her workshop.) She does amazing things with Oakshotts and Liberty of London fabric, and inspires me to cut into my own precious stash. Okay, and she often inspires me to add to it, as well! She also has started #opgivewarmth which works with My Very Own Blanket non-profit. Sarah’s driven to find ways to give locally, as there are always people in our own community with unmet needs.

Thanks again to Kitty for tagging me! I look forward to reading more about everyone as the blog hop continues!


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