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Bee Sewcial – September – Transitions

So first of all, I survived my move to Florida! We’re doing really well here so far, although I’m still trying to get used to my new job. I’m hoping things settle into a rhythm soon, as right now it feels pretty overwhelming and time-consuming. Also, I’m behind on everything, not the least of which is email. Thank you for your patience as I get caught up on the backlog!

In the meantime, for the past 9 months, I’ve been part of a wonderful group called #BeeSewcial. Each month, the queen bee choses a theme and a color scheme, and the others in the group create blocks (generally improv) around that theme. I joined it because I wanted to have a forcing function to practice my improv skills, and in return it has had a pretty significant (and positive) impact on my quilting aesthetic.

We also encourage other people to play along and post to the #inspiredbybeesewcial hashtag on Instagram. It’s amazing seeing the different interpretations each month!

September is my month, and I went back and forth on both the theme and the color scheme. Finally, after some wonderful advice from my beemates, I figured out a theme that was both meaningful to me and also allowed for a variety of interpretations by the other members.


Transitions One by Ellin Larimer

This month the theme is Transitions.

Theme: This is totally open to interpretation, but to give some ideas, transitions could be captured by color, shapes, scale, quantity, or whatever else you can think of. If you’ve been through a transition and you want to make something that reflects that in some way, please do so.

Size: Block sizes can be whatever as long as they end up being roughly equivalent to 12.5″ x 24.5″ in total. I prefer weird sizes (I may regret saying that later) and don’t feel the need to trim.

I’ve made a pinterest board of inspirations here.

Central Park by Leonid Afremov

Colors: As for colors, please draw from this image by Leonid Afremov. You’ll notice the painting has its own transition between very neutral to very colorful. You’re welcome to pull from anywhere in the image. Feel free to use all saturated color, or use lots of neutrals, or anywhere in between. If you do go the lots of neutrals route, please do include at least a bit of color.

Texture: Solids, shots/chambrays, linens, etc. are great. Use what you own. If you want to include a different type of textile, all I ask is you don’t put it on the outside of your block because I don’t have a lot of experience working with non-cotton based textiles. 🙂

Construction: Standard rules. I’d prefer no applique, but feel free to go to town with the improv and other techniques y’all use.

If I’ve missed anything, please let me know! I’m super excited to see what you all make!



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