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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Applique Quilt

The Blogger’s Quilt Festival run by Amy @ Amy’s Creative Side is in full-swing again!


This year I’ve decided to enter two quilts (and funny enough, both involving appliqué) but this one is all appliqué, so it felt like it belonged in the appliqué category more than my second entry.


This is a quilt I designed and created for a partner in a swap who is a huge Charley Harper fan, and also has four pet bunnies (well four at the time. She has more than that now!) Each bunny in the quilt is designed to represent one of her buns at home. It was a lot of fun searching her instagram feed to get to know each of the bunnies!


I drew out the design in Illustrator, and printed them out to use as templates for cutting each of the pieces. Some of the pieces are quite small – smaller than an eraser on the end of a pencil. Because of the small size, I decided to use raw-edge appliqué, and use fusible interfacing. I added embroidered details to each of the bunnies as well.


I initially was going to sew around each piece, but I didn’t like the way my imperfect outline sewing looked with the very clean-cut graphic nature of the overall design. So instead I did straight line quilting and made sure that each piece was covered by the quilting. Because it’s meant to be a display quilt, it won’t get washed nearly as much as a bed quilt, so I felt comfortable with relying a bit more on the fusible interfacing.


I did make a matching appliqué owl embroidery hoop design, also in the Charley Harper style because my partner loves owls. I made the owl hoop much smaller than the bunnies so it wouldn’t look predatory on the wall next to the bunnies, should they end up in the same space!


Overall this was a really fun project that helped me get over my fear of appliqué. Now I want to fuse all the things!


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