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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Mod Pop


My second entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is in the Scrappy Quilt category, and I am entering my Mod Pop quilt.


I’m choosing the scrappy category because although there are only two colors (plus binding), there are over 50 different fabrics included in this quilt! Some of them you can see below.


This was made during Leanne @ she can quilt’s Mod Pop QAL, and really helped me quickly get over my fear of piecing curves. Leanne has a great video tutorial of how to piece curves without pins, which I followed and it really is as easy as she makes it look.

I’ve written a lot about this quilt in the past, but I thought I’d talk more about the hardest decision I made early on: navy chains on grey, or grey chains on navy?


I had enough fabric to go either way, and I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. I started out by sketching my ideas using colored pencils on the coloring sheet nicely provided with the pattern. I knew it was going to be scrappy, so I tried to emulate that with different shades of grey and blue.


At this point, I was leaning a bit more towards navy on blue, but I wasn’t sold yet. So I made up the pieces, and laid a block each way on my design wall. Using photoshop, I repeated the blocks so I could see how it would look together.


At this point, I realized that most of my navy fabrics were fairly high contrast: navy blue with white or light colored patterns on them. My greys on the other hand were lower contrast: light grey with white. Because I wanted the chains to stand out, I decided the background should contain the lower contrast fabrics, and therefore should be grey. The blue chains were smaller areas and could handle the high contrast fabric better, and draw attention to where I wanted it.


Of course, I still had to make a reversed chain on the back, just to be sure! After making the reversed chain I was completely happy with my decision for the front. Not that it didn’t look cool, but it was a different look than what I was aiming for.

Love the binding from the back!


Quilt Details:
Design: Mod Pop – pattern by Julie @ Distant Pickles
Dimensions: Twin sized – 60″ x 80″
Fabrics: There are at least 25 different navy fabrics, and 27 different white/grey fabrics, but I lost count at some point.
Humility block location: Lower left corner


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