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Color Clinic – The Rainbow Connection

Now here’s a question after my own heart, and it came from a few people.

What Kona colors would you use to create a color wheel quilt?


You want me to spend time with my Kona card and pick colors? Well I guess….if I must! 😀

So first off, not all color wheels go through the same space of color. Some use yellow, red, and blue as the primary colors, while others use yellow, pink, and aqua. Which you prefer is up to you, and of course there’s many ways you can go with it! I picked out two versions, one for red and blue, the other for pink and aqua, but there are many more variations.

Please note that this is based on color card chips. If I was really going to make a color wheel quilt, I’d want to see much bigger swatches of fabric before committing!


First up, let’s look at a pink and aqua version. I’ve seen versions with a cooler pink, but I ended up here. The colors are:
Kona Watermelon, Tangerine, Persimmon, Papaya, Corn Yellow, Limelight, Parrot, Cypress, Water, Lapis, Mulberry, and Cerise.

With this version, I wish I could add another green between Limelight and Parrot (maybe Chartreuse?) and another blue-violet between Lapis and Mulberry. Even with 303 colors, I still wish there were more!



If you’d rather use red and blue, I’d go with something more like this. The colors are:
Kona Cardinal, Flame, Orange, Papaya, Canary, Chartreuse, Fern, Cyan, Surf, Bright Periwinkle, Mulberry, and Cerise.

With this version, I wish there was a slightly lighter green than Fern, and a slightly darker Chartreuse so the value gap wasn’t quite so large.

If you were making a color wheel, which colors would you use?


P.S. If you have a question for color clinic, feel free to email me or leave it in the comments below!

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