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Color Watch: Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Many of you have probably seen the news, but it looks like we were almost all wrong on our guesses.


Turns out the color of the year is Marsala!


As is the case every year that the color of the year isn’t a blue, the color is definitely polarizing. I know a lot of people are not enamored with it because it’s got a lot of brown in it. Or think it should be more of a focal color.

I think it’s beautiful as a fashion color, but even I know it’s going to be a tough sell for a modern quilter.


Adrianne @ On The Windy Side has already done some fabric pulls to find prints that are marsala-esque. I went to the local shop and tried to find a Kona that matched. The closest I found was Cocoa which is a little on the brown side. (Cocoa is the one in the middle next to the brown shot cotton.) Brick was too dark, Sienna was too orange, and Crimson was too red. Wine might have been a good match, but the shop was out and those little swatches are just too small to really tell.


And then I spent some time coming up with some designs featuring marsala. Mostly to challenge myself to see if I could find a way to use such a brown tone in a modern way. I grabbed a random QDAD design and started playing. I ended up with this design, which uses a yellow-green complement and some warm, earthy golds and taupes to support the marsala.

I also wrote up a little triangle quilt generator a bit ago which I will probably talk about more later this week. I have a palette generation thingie I also keep meaning to talk about that takes a color and generates palettes around that color. I combined the two, set it to make palettes based on marsala and started generating triangle quilts. I loved watching the way marsala changed based on what it was paired with.







So is there hope for Marsala? I think so! And like last year, Adrianne and I will be hosting the Pantone Quilt Challenge, so get your thinking caps on! More details will be coming in January!

What are your thoughts on Marsala?


P.S. Even if you’re not into the color, head over to Pantone’s site and check out what’s really going on in those photos. Is it just me or is it the most bizarre dinner party you’ve ever seen? “Don’t mind me as I lay down on the counter. I’m just hanging out next to Marsala.”

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