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I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in Illustrator with some design ideas this week.


After reading Adrianne @ On The Windy Side’s post of Radiant Orchid quilt ideas (SO much gorgeous eye candy!!), I was really inspired [and also reminded that I needed] to make something for the Pantone Quilt Challenge (not that we can enter, of course). So I’ve been toying around with ideas of what I want to make.

I’ve been really loving this churn dash quilt by Needles and Lemons (text print + AMH, yes please!) and this churn dash by wooden spoon on Flickr (okay I love pretty much everything she does.) So I thought I’d try playing with a few churn dash ideas.


Sometimes while I’m playing around with color placement, I realize “this is going somewhere really crazy” but I like to push it all the way there, just to see what it looks like. The above design was one of those times.



Pulling it back a bit I starting getting some variations. Above are a couple designs that put emphasis on the churn dash shape…


And one that put emphasis on the shapes created between the churn dash blocks.


None of them were really jiving for me, though. So I took a break and decided to play around with my modified woven chevron block and ended up with this. I really love this concept!! Maybe I just needed a break from the super colorful designs above, but  I may just have to make this one. If I do, I’ll need to figure out some piecing shortcuts, because that’s a lot of HSTs and QSTs.

Nothing like some new design ideas right before the weekend to up the WIP count!


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