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Diamond Wedding Ring Quilt Workshop

Sarah and one of her DWR quilts.

You should know, I’m a little impulsive.

So when Sarah @ {no} hats in the house said she was coming to Orange County, California and doing a workshop on her diamond wedding ring quilt, it didn’t take much convincing for me to decide to do the 7 hour drive (each way) to go take her workshop. (P.S. California is really big.)


I left last Thursday, and about 2 hours into the drive, realized I’d forgotten my suitcase at home. I had my sewing machine and fabrics though, so decided it wasn’t worth heading back home. Once I arrived in Laguna Hills, I did some quick shopping to pick up the essentials and some clothes and was only 15 minutes late to Sarah’s lecture at the Beach Cities Quilt Guild where I managed to not steal her quilts, barely. For the record, this is a new low for me as far as unpreparedness goes. But bonus points for not “borrowing” one of my favorite quilts ever!


The workshop was on Friday and Saturday, and the women who were attending were really amazing and welcoming! They were curious about the whole “blog thing” and how it is that Sarah and I knew each other but had never met. “Is it like a online dating thing?” Something….like that, I guess!


We started out piecing together one of the diamond/gemstone blocks. This is where I found out just how insane Sarah really is. This block is 4″ finished, and has 96 pieces. When she handed out the pattern I honestly thought she’d used “fit to page” incorrectly on the pattern and it’d micro-sized it.



After my brain came to terms with the size, it actually wasn’t that bad at all, but I’m still in utter awe that Sarah has made *81* of these gemstones for her various DWR quilts.


The coolest part was getting to see the gemstones start to come together in all the different colors. The design I’m playing with requires a rainbow of gemstones (of course) but I started with the yellow one.


I’m using Oakshotts with Kaffe shots to supplement, and I even threw in a little duponi silk I had from a quilt show a few years ago. I really love how great the blocks look when they’re done!


After we each completed a gemstone, we worked on the arcs for our DWR quilts. I’m doing dark and light grey rings, and I can’t decide if I want a dark/black background or a lighter neutral for the background.


I figure I have a while to decide given that I have a few more gemstones to make. πŸ˜€


One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to hang out with Sarah! We had a lovely no-really-it’s-not-like-online-dating Valentine’s Day evening together where we watched the sun set at Laguna Beach, walked along the sand and discussed our long-term goals and thoughts on artistic/creative businesses, shopped for a gift for her daughter’s birthday, got a stern look at Whole Foods when we giggled over their homeopathic allergy medication (“It’s homeopathic, so there are no side effects.” Including working, apparently.), ate a lovely dinner at a walk-up Mexican restaurant and got lost a lot.


Overall it was a wonderful weekend and well worth the trip! If you have a chance to take a workshop with Sarah, I highly recommend it!


And then I got to come home and unpack my Β suitcase. Which really? Is just plain rude.


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