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Doodle Dragons Done

I become a serious machine hypochondriac when I do FMQing. Even though invariably it’s PEBSMAC (similar to PEBKAC – Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair, but instead the problem is between the Sewing Machine and Chair.)


Me: Oh no, the thread is stuck, I can’t move to a new area of the project! What’s wrong with my machine??
Me: Oh. I just forgot to lift the presser foot.

Me: Oh gosh! There’s something wrong with the bobbin! I can’t pull the bobbin thread up to start a new section!
Me: Oh. I forgot to cut the bottom thread when I finished that last section.


Me: Oh man, the machine sounds different than it usually does… Oh gosh, my machine must be breaking!
Me: Oh. I forgot to put down the presser foot. (That thread pile is what results from this particular mistake.)

On my Pfaff, there is a special foot placement for FMQ and it’s really hard for me to tell (obviously) when the foot is up or in that position just by looking. I can’t say I ever felt comfortable while doing the doodle stitching, but at least I feel a bit more in command of it. I definitely want to try more of it, though! If I could figure out what I’m doing that makes the thread to break from time to time (and then stop doing it), I would feel a lot more comfortable with it.


I still need to put a border on the block, and then I start the scary “maybe I should have planned this a little better” process of building a quilt around these blocks. I know there will be flying geese because I like them and I’ve never made one. (I know! I have no idea why not.) But other than that, I’m kinda at a loss. I will obviously have to go surf for inspiration!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and come visit on Monday! We will be joining the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day week. You’ll have a chance to win some fat quarters from the True Colors lines!


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