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Doxie Zippy

I’m madly trying to finish everything up for Sewing Summit (holy cow, how is it here already?!) and one of those things was to create a little swap item for Katy (LethargicLass). We’ve been Flickr friends, and we were excited that we were finally going to meet, so we agreed to do a swap!

She made this super cute aeroplane zippy for me after I expressed serious jealousy over the full-sized aeroplane bag she made for someone else. She even stamped my name on the interior to match the big version which has a spoonflower print of the recipient’s name in it. So clever!


Well, I had to come up with something cool in return, and I know she likes dachshunds, so I decided to make a little doxie zippy, with the dog wrapping around the side. I searched for paper-piecing patterns to see if there was anything I liked, and it turned out there was a very cute pattern by Janet Kime in her “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” pattern book.


I used her pattern and made some slight alterations to fit my needs, and made this zippy!


If I were to make another one, I’d make the zipper tabs a bit smaller and the bag a bit bigger, but I love the overall design. I also added a little doggy paw heart charm as a pull tab.

Now I want to go create a bunch of adorable dog and cat paper-piecing patterns to make Christmas gifts!


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