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Dragon Quilt of Doomity-Doom-Doom Progress

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Yes, it’s true. The quilt name will not get any longer as I have stopped procrastinating, and actually begun working on it! I used essex natural linen for the background, and a shot cotton for the body. I’ll incorporate prints into the non-dragon parts of the quilt.


Of course, after getting this much done (you can see the pencilled areas that I have a bit more to do), my machine started making a squeaky noise. πŸ™ I think my machine just really hates free-motion of any kind. The squeaking went away when I’d pause for a bit, then would start up again after a while.


I also managed to royally mess up the measurements and this is half the size it’s supposed to be. But I suppose my design sketch was more of what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules. I can’t imagine working on something twice as big (although the details would be WAY easier) so I’ll just go with it and figure out the rest after the dragon blocks are done.

Assuming my machine stops acting up. πŸ™


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