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Fabric Friday

Getting a little bit of a late start on this today! I had a lot of insomnia last night and spent the day in a half-awake state as a result. Hopefully this evening I’ll get a boost of productivity!

Every week I take a palette posted to the play crafts flickr group that was made with our palette builder, and find some fabrics to go with the palette. We love to see your palettes, so please keep sharing them in our group!

This week’s palette is by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts. You can see the fabrics she picked and her EPP project in this post she made as well! Alyce used a gorgeous picture of Okayama Castle in Okayama, Japan. Nicknamed the Crow Castle due to its black exterior, it’s a striking piece of architecture situated in beautiful grounds. The palette Alyce found really caught my eye!

For the fabrics, because the photograph is from Japan, I really wanted to incorporate a number of Japanese import fabrics. So this is a bit different than my usual offering, but it was a lot of fun to put together! There seems to be a bit of an animal theme going as well, I suppose that just goes with the crow castle nickname. 😉

Palette: Okayama Castle Palette

Fabrics: 1. Tiger on Flower in Black by Echino
2.  Owl Fabric in Black by Annika Wester
3.  Floral Elements in Moonlight by Pat Bravo
4.  Doily in Gray by Lori Holt
5.  Floral Swirls in Gray by Lecien
6.  Lights in Grey by Maude Asbury
7.  Herringbone in Green by Lynette Anderson
8.  Frog Prince in Olive by Tula Pink
9.  Buck in Pink by Etsuko Furuya
10.  Trellis in Tulip by Art Gallery
11.  Fusions Ombre Solid in Rose by Robert Kaufman
12.  French Letters in Mauve by Yuwa


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