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Fabric Palette: Novosibirsk park trees

I saw this beautiful photo of a park in Novosibirsk by Mikhail Koninin on Flickr (used under creative commons) and really wanted to create a palette from it using Palette Builder. I love photos of snowy winters (probably because I don’t live somewhere where it snows) but what drew me to this particular photo was that it contained the sunlit trees in the background as well as the cooler shaded tones in the foreground.


Central Image: Winter in the local park by mksystem
1. Circle in Blush by Laura Gunn
2. The Dowagers Lace in Amethyst by Kathy Hall
3. Corsage in Mauve by Alison Glass
4. Lineage in Taffy by Anna Maria Horner
5. Terra in Lavender by P&B Textiles
6. Fizzy Dot in Red by Denyse Schmidt
7. Leaves in Merlot by Valori Wells
8. Dictionary in Red on White by Tim Holtz
9. Ghastly Forest in Blush by Alexander Henry
10. Ediths Swirl in Valencia by Kathy Hall
11. Naivety in Cream by Pat Bravo
12. Chevron in Mist by Alice Kennedy


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