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Finish: Bay Area Landscape Quilt


It’s finished! I finished hand-stitching the binding to the back this morning.


The quilt started with a giveaway by Lynn @ Lily’s Quilts and Oakshott. They were giving away a water fat eighth bundle of Oakshott shot cottons.  The winner was chosen based on what design was submitted. I submitted a design for a quilt similar in spirit as my Antelope Canyon Oakshott quilt, but something more water-based given the bundle.


I was really thrilled when I won the giveaway and the bundle arrived! I knew I wanted to stick with improv curves, but I wanted something more evocative of water. I made a couple of sketches to get a feel for how wavy I wanted my lines, and when I sketched up this one, I knew I had what I was looking for!


I decided I wanted the colors to gradate generally from darkest to lightest, but I didn’t want it to be exact as I wanted a more organic look.


Once that was all decided, it was on to the hardest part…cutting into those beautiful fabrics! I didn’t plan too much and just tried to relax and cut and sew. The top came together really quickly once I got past the cutting part. One of my friends pointed out that it reminded her of the landscape near San Francisco, and the image just stuck with me. Now I can’t see anything other than a landscape of rolling hills, blue sky and bluer water.


For quilting, I used two different colors of thread (which sadly, you can’t tell unless you look super carefully!). I used a light blue and a light teal because that’s what I had available. The quilting is done with a straight stitch, but I kept the lines organic and wavy, and tried to make them cross over each other to give it the feeling of air currents. I’m not quite sure how successful it was, but I enjoyed trying!


Finally, binding. I had a lot of suggestions to do invisible binding, so I thought I’d look it up and give it a try! It’s also known as knifes edge binding and facing and there are tons of tutorials out there. I used a mixture of a few of them, but it was closest to this facing tutorial by The Silly BooDilly. I think I prefer traditional binding, but I’m glad to have it as a tool available in my arsenal for future quilts!


Details –
Dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Fabrics: Oakshott Water F8 bundle front, back is Kona Nightfall (dark blue) and I believe Kona Ocean (medium blue)
Design: Improv
Number of days it took before I convinced myself to cut into the fabric: 15


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