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Finish: Crayon Box

A while ago I posted that I had a quilt that I assumed was a shoo-in for QuiltCon that didn’t get accepted. This is that quilt. I finished this over a year ago, but it was slated to be the cover model for the book-that-didn’t-happen, so it didn’t get shared back then.


Because it was going to be the cover model for my book, I decided to have the incredibly gifted Karlee Porter do the quilting.



I think I like the quilting more than the quilt itself! I made the back a medium grey just so it would show off the quilting better. 


It may be hard to believe, but this quilt is based on this QDAD design. Instead of doing 3 colors, I went full rainbow, took out the center area, but kept the transparency.


Because I finished this so long ago, I don’t really remember what I had to say about it. Other than it took 3 hours and at least 60 bolts of Kona being pulled at my local quilt shop before I was happy with the color selection. And I still ended up subbing one color out for another before it was done.


I also spent a lot of time on the binding, and I actually really dislike it. I know some people will probably enjoy it, but it feels a little heavy handed and I wish I’d just gone with white and maybe a pop of color somewhere along the way. If I cared enough I’d pull it and replace it, but I’m pretty sure I don’t care enough. Too many new projects going on that I’m far more excited about!


The good news is that this quilt was selected (along with Transcendence) to be shown at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI. It was accepted into the long-arm quilting category, so really it’s Karlee who got into the show. But I’m glad I’m along for the ride!



Name: Crayon Box
Dimensions: 68″ x 88″
Fabrics: Konas – Citrus, Wasabi, Peapod, Parrot, Kiwi, Fern, Blue Grass, Glacier, Oasis, Deep Blue, Purple, Berry, Sangria, Coral, Persimmon, School Bus
Background fabric: Kona Snow
Quilting: Karlee Porter
Thing I learned: Don’t photograph your quilts outside right after the lawn mowers have been by when it has also recently rained. Especially when your quilt is longer than your quilt hangin’ tree is tall.
Other thing I learned: Alcohol does a fairly good job of removing small grass stains. Thank you, Cathy!


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