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Finish: Dottie


I mentioned in my last post that I had finished two quilts and that last week had been tough. One of the things that happened is that my good friend Karen @ CapitolaQuilter lost her sweet dog, Dottie. Karen kindly made her home available to me many times over the years for sewing related needs. Almost every quilt I basted while in Santa Cruz was basted in Karen’s living room with Dottie and Chase (her other pup) supervising. And I say “I basted” but really I mean “Karen basted” because she has mad basting spray skills and long arms.


I share all that because I wanted to give a little background as to why the news of Dottie passing required action on my part. I’m familiar with how tough it can be to lose a pet, and I know how much Karen loves her dogs. I have a lot of fond memories of hanging out with Karen, Dottie, and Chase working on quilts.


A long while back, I made a dachshund zippy, and at the time, Karen asked me if I had seen any paper-piecing patterns for German Shorthaired Pointers — the breed of her two dogs. I’ve been keeping an eye out, and had never seen one, so when Karen told me about Dottie and my immediate reaction was “I need to make a quilt” (doing as quilters do), I knew I’d need to make my own pattern.

Photo by Bonnie van den Born and used under Creative Commons license.

First step was to find a photo to work from. I found this one while searching for photos “labeled for reuse with modification” which had a good profile and seemed doable in paper piecing. The photo was taken by Bonnie van den Born and used under Creative Commons license. It’s been a while since I’ve made a paper-piecing pattern, and I am seriously rusty. It took about a week to remind myself how to even get it going, and I finally printed out the pieces which took 12 pages. I’m pretty sure I could have made the pattern easier and there were numerous errors, but like I said: very rusty. I did at least get it to work, fortunately!


All the prints are made up of dots, for Dottie. The heart is done in Oakshott because it seemed appropriate. The finished quilt is roughly 18″ x 24″. It originally looked like a goat while I was putting it together, and it took some faith to keep working on it at that point, but in the end it did not look like a goat and for that I am pleased. I did end up changing the fabric for the ear somewhere in there to something darker because it was getting lost in the browns.


For the quilting, I did a standard 1/2″ apart on the 45 because I wanted to get the quilt sent off sooner rather than later and after last time, I knew I could spend a lot of time waffling on quilting.

As always, there are things I would like to change, but I am not going to point them out because I don’t want Karen to notice them. (Look at me, learning and everything!)



Name: Dottie
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″
Fabrics: Various dot prints, Kona Espresso (ear), Oakshott Colourshott 08 Gemma (I think) (heart), Kona Parrot (background)
Back: Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Tartan in Aquamarine, Kona Peapod
Binding: Kona Kale
Thread: Aurifil Caramel (#6001)
Labels: I should get some
Wishing I was on the other coast right now: Very yes


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