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Finish: Macaron Quilt

Story time!


Last March, I made a QDAD (quilt design a day) that I really liked based on a photo of some macarons (the French confection, not the coconut macaroons). So I broke out my Oakshotts and low volumes and started strip piecing.


After making 120 ‘macarons’ I had enough to put together the top. I finished the top and it languished for months because I didn’t know what to do for the back and basting is hard.


I finally buckled down and decided to not worry about the back and just use some 108″ wide fabric if it meant I’d finally make progress again.


Then, last November I went to our guild’s quilt retreat and finished the quilting on it. But then I started doubting the quilting and thought maybe I should add more.


So I brought it to a retreat in March, and the women convinced me that the quilting was fine and to just go ahead and bind the dang thing. (Thank you for that, seriously!)


I finished hand stitching the binding SaturdayΒ night, and finally a year and a month later, it’s done!


Although it took me wayΒ longer than it should have, it really is a very simple design. And it’s great for using fabrics you love but can’t bear to cut into, because you only need a thin strip for the macaron centers, and you have plenty left for your stash and future projects.

I’ve got plans to make this a pattern, and it’s on my to do list and everything. So maybe I’ll actually get it done? Let’s aim for May 2016 then, shall we? πŸ˜‰


Dimensions: 60″ x 72″
Design: QDAD by me
Fabric: Oakshott centers, random low volume outers, Kona white sashing
Binding: Scribble Notes in Charcoal by Carolyn Friedland (+ Oakshott blip)
Backing: Crosshatch in Grey (108″) by Carolyn Friedlander
Pain levels from cutting into precious Oakshotts: 8 out of 10
Pain levels after seeing how much Oakshott was still left: 2 out of 10

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