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Finish: Marsalalalala


The Pantone Quilt Challenge link up is happening now! The link up closes for entries on Friday at 11pm (pacific). I’m really impressed with the entries so far. It’s fantastic seeing what you’ve all done!


This weekend I finished up my own Marsala quilt, which I’m calling Marsalalalala because it’s fun to say and because the working name of the design was marsalapuke from when it was in its ugly duckling phase, and that seems inappropriate.


The design comes from Equal, my triangle design generator. I actually added some functionality to it this last week but that’s for another post. There’s still more to go before it’s actually useful, but for now it’s fun for generating random triangle chaos.


The design and the quilt are not quite the same, as the design generator does not use equilateral triangles (like I thought it did, which just shows that computers do what you tell them to do, not what you think you told them to do) but my design does use equilateral triangles. Basically the only thing it means is that the quilt dimensions are not the same as the design dimensions. I also seem to have rotated one of my triangles (which is easy to do with actual equilateral triangles, as it turns out.) Oops.

I’m undecided on the quilting. I like the look but think maybe I should have done more of it? But I was worried if I did more there’d just end up being lines everywhere and it’d devolve into chaos. I do like the magenta thread I used, it’s a nice color with the collection.


The back uses some of the leftover solids from the front. I do like that it’s easier to see the quilting and you can see where I avoided going over the marsala-colored triangles. It’s not quite as obvious that I did that on the front.


For binding I calculated incorrectly and was a little short, so I threw in a bit of Kona Cocoa (which was my Marsala color choice) to finish it out. If it looks like it’s unplanned and in a weird spot, that’s because it was unplanned and is in a weird spot.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this and relieved it moved beyond the ugly duckling phase! I definitely want to make more triangle quilts now. But before I do that, I really need to add some more functionality to Equal.

I am ineligible for any of the prizes, but I’m still going to link this up under the non-judged category of the Pantone Challenge. Don’t forget to link up this week!


Design: Designed by Equal, Written by me
Dimensions: 32″ x 32″
Front: Kona Pepper, Raisin, Eggplant, Bordeaux, Crimson and Cocoa
Binding: Kona Pepper and Cocoa
Back: Kona Eggplant and Raisin
Thing I learned about triangles: The width to height ratio of an equilateral triangle is not 1:1, but is instead 1:0.866. This explains SO many things about the creation of this quilt!


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